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Can the redefinition of 'joint employer' be stopped?

Working Lunch: The National Labor Relations Board's controversial move is likely to be challenged immediately in court. The franchise community is also likely to push for use of the Congressional Review Act. But will either effort succeed?


Lawmakers seek a quantum leap in penalties for violations of child labor laws

A single infraction could cost a restaurant employer upwards of $250,000 under a new federal proposal.

The agency is warning restaurants to discard the shellfish if it was supplied during the last 17 days by a Canadian harvester, Future Seafoods.

As feared, the National Labor Relations Board has broadened the definition of "joint employer," rousing the industry to pledge new battles in Congress and the courts.

Suddenly, organized labor seems to be working against its own cause, affording restaurants a puzzling but appreciated wait-and-see opportunity.

They hate the concept but relish the practice because of the control it provides, according to a new report.

Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the measure, citing concerns about employees' exposure to secondhand smoke.

The regulatory agency is seeking another round of public comment on what rules should be adopted to combat "junk fees."

The acquired company will serve as the foundation for a new specialty equipment and supplies operation, Sysco said.

Restaurant Rewind: Lady Bird Johnson provided some tough love, and the industry is still showing the results today.

The subpoena seeks documents related to the coffee chain's reaction to a unionization drive.

Wages paid directly to servers, bartenders and other tipped restaurant employees will rise by 67% over the next five years.

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