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Service fees are about to go big time in Washington, D.C.

A new survey shows 70% of local restaurants intend to use surcharges to counter the loss of the tip credit. About 150 places have already taken the plunge.


Union backers spent nearly $2.5M to infiltrate Starbucks, report finds

The study undercuts assertions that Starbucks Workers United was a grassroots reaction of frustrated baristas.

Valentina Ellison is charged with putting Earl brands in airports, sports centers and shopping malls.

Restaurant Rewind: A fight over supply prices set what's still the low point in franchisor-franchisee relations. It could be a Harvard Business study of what a brand owner should never do.

Working Lunch: A liberal court's ending of a local ban on gas-powered kitchen equipment was a win for restaurants everywhere.

A bill passed this week allows 16 and 17-year-olds to serve alcohol and expands the hours permitted for 14 and 15-year-olds to six per school night.

Reality Check: With the pandemic fading, it may be back to the future for broad-market restaurant concepts. Just ask participants of a CEO's panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference.

A federal court ruled that the prohibition violated federal energy regulations.

Restaurant Rewind: McDonald’s is changing its burgers. Overhauls of well-known products can go either way. Just ask its arch-rival.

Workers at the original unit in Vermont say they'll ask for an election to be scheduled.

Working Lunch: Both of their newly announced initiatives add up to sound long-term business decisions.

With 31 minutes lopped off their sales window, stadium F&B outlets are tweaking operations and embracing technology to boost throughput.

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