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Angered by schedule changes, the staff of an NYC indie decides to unionize

The 11 employees of Brooklyn's Daily Press have petitioned federal regulators for the go-ahead to vote on joining Workers United, the same group behind the Starbucks union drive.


Window opens for pandemic aid to Texas restaurants

Under a state program specifically for travel and hospitality businesses, establishments can qualify for grants of up to $20,000.

New federal statistics show that just 6,000 jobs were filled during the month, compared with the more than 60,000 positions that were added in September.

He succeeds Dave Wetzel, who is retiring after a 37-year career in the restaurant business.

Nearly two-thirds of operators believe a GOP regain of the House and Senate would be better for their businesses.

Operations in Mountain View can qualify for up to $300 in reusables and free technical advice on which ones to try in place of disposables.

A new program works to ease the industry's labor problem, and lighten a societal problem, by getting people who've run afoul of the law into restaurant jobs. Operators praise the results.

The Saravanaa Bhava operators also have to apologize personally to 317 employees.

The SEIU has asked state officials to halt employers' drive for a referendum, saying they're cheating.

The average U.S. restaurant is open 6.4 fewer hours a week because of the inability to find workers, according to a study from Datassential.

At least a third of the money has to be channeled down to a recipient's employees.

Working Lunch: Ranked choice voting is spreading quickly, and the result could be less polarization of the political process

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