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Friendly’s co-founder Curtis Blake dies at 102

The younger of two brothers who saw an opportunity during the Great Depression, Blake focused on personnel while helping to brainstorm a few quirky operational innovations.


IHOP plans another name change

This time the “P” is changing to, well, “P.”

The chef is expected to be arraigned in a Boston court Friday for allegedly groping a woman in 2017.

Is it generating a net gain in transactions for the restaurant industry? Maybe not. But the chains doing it are seeing their sales, profits and transactions rise.

The benefit is available to any full- or part-timer who has logged at least six months on the job.

Under a new Chicago initiative, those populations will be given the skills needed to pursue careers in restaurants.

About 22 restaurants have closed, putting 1,000 out of work.

Pret parent JAB is adding the U.K.’s Eat to its stable, but for its conversion potential.

The longtime Charleston chef popularized Southern foods with his fine-dining restaurants, where grits and pimento cheese were readily found in the kitchen.

The initiative sets a career path that employees can follow for upward mobility, complete with certifications attesting to their abilities.

The concessionaire was honored with the Gold Plate award at a gala Saturday night in Chicago.

Operators are keeping an eye on food costs and the possible effects on consumer spending.