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California starts reopening restaurant dining rooms

But the go-ahead, which starts on Monday, is limited to 18 of the state’s 58 counties.


Wisconsin restaurants are urged to make college-aged guests behave

The state restaurant association has teamed up with tavern owners and state educators to avert a COVID flare-up among returning University of Wisconsin students.

The restaurant industry had never faced a situation like the pandemic. What have operators learned that could help them survive the next onslaught? Here’s what we’re hearing.

The novel requirements include keeping doors open, air conditioners on, and guests in masks for longer stretches.

The moves underscore the polished-casual brand’s progress toward pre-pandemic performance levels.

The CDC updated its guidelines yesterday for keeping the confrontations from escalating into violence. How well do your policies conform?

The city is holding a $5,000 contest to encourage unorthodox thinking.

The Hatchery will feature an array of chicken items in a limited-service format with an emphasis on to-go.

The high-volume chain plans to open a restaurant providing self-service as well as table service, for beer and food. New technology will be the enabler.

The owner of Steak 'n Shake has started his fourth proxy fight against the company, having nominated Raymond Barbrick, co-CEO of franchise operator The Briad Group.

The grants or loans may be in the thousands rather than millions, and are usually contingent on geography. But potential aid is or will soon be there.

The governor says he's considering the move to temper a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall or winter.

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