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Vaccinated restaurant guests no longer need masks, CDC decides

Nor do they need to keep six feet apart from other patrons, according to the updated safety guidelines.

Consumer Trends

Casual dining roars back, but will the upswing continue?

The segment's strong April is attributed to both short-term and long-term factors, with plenty of uncertainty sprinkled in.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation turning his emergency pandemic measure into law, enabling to-go liquor to be a post-pandemic option for restaurants.

With vaccinations climbing and restrictions easing, normal conditions--sales levels included--are returning at numerous restaurant chains.

Initial grants averaged $125,000, draining the fund by about 7%. Industry officials have voiced fears that the pool will run dry in a matter of weeks.

A union-affiliated survey of industry employees found that 53% intend to leave their restaurant jobs, most likely because of wages.

A federal judged ruled that losses as well as damages could be covered by a business-interruption policy.

Smaller publicly owned chains had a more mixed Q1 and April than many of their larger counterparts.

Parent Dine Brands Global intends to increase its development options by creating smaller prototypes and opening Flip'd units.

The $29 billion fund already has 186,200 applicants in just two days. About half the requests have come from operators believed to be most in need, the White House says.

Two-thirds of the chain's restaurants can't find enough workers to stay open all night, hurting its sales recovery in the process.

Industrial Workers of the World are repeating the organization approach that was successful with Burgerville.

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