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Remembering Ruth's Chris founder Ruth Fertel

Restaurant Rewind: She could barely afford to open her first restaurant. Now the empire she founded through smarts and a refusal to be stopped is selling for $715 million. Here’s her story.


Child-labor violations are giving restaurants an even darker black eye

Working Lunch: A few bad players are making the whole business look bad. And yet there's worse to come.

Earnings roundup: Inflation eased, but so did traffic—at least for some. Weather, meanwhile, was a wallop for at least one, a non-issue for the rest.

Reality Check: Indeed, they wouldn't mind owning one. They were already working hard toward that goal at the National ProStart Invitational competition.

The Senate committee he chairs will take up a bill next month to phase in the higher wage over five years. He did not mention what changes he might seek in the tip credit.

The tactics range from standardizing units' network platform to cooking bacon in big batches.

Chain officials say the high prices of third-party services are driving patrons to dine on-site.

Restaurant Rewind: Don Draper and Jackie Onassis were among the legions of fans who kept the Grand Central Oyster Bar in vogue.

Working Lunch: The Bud Light and Disney controversies show how businesses can be sucked in.

The pay floor for New York City, Long Island and Westchester County would rise next year to $16 on way to $17. Other parts of the state would have a mandated minimum of $16

The chain's nine units are concentrated in Colorado, with only one store outside the state. Catterton calls its investment "significant."

The long-serving family dining chain leader has kept her head down and her sights forward, despite the distractions of a 10-year takeover attempt and setbacks in the search for a fresh growth opportunity.

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