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Yum’s 4 business drivers under Creed

Greg Creed and his senior team say there are four drivers of same-store sales growth and chain expansion. Everything, they say, relates back to these principles, presented here in the company’s own words.


Olive Garden shoots for value with new Giant entrees

The line includes classic Italian dishes reformulated in a larger size, at prices as low as $12.99.

A distinctive management style, combined with indisputable success in expanding all three of Yum Brands' franchise chains, earned Greg Creed the distinction of being this year's Restaurant Leader of the Year.

Newly formed association health plans were struck down in a lawsuit filed by 11 states, but the National Restaurant Association’s established plan was unaffected.

The department has suggested that a four-part test be used to determine when franchisors are liable for the labor policies and practices of franchisees.

The demand may be high in the urban areas ranked as the best for fast-food lovers, but so is the population of places looking to feed them.

Aussie Grill by Outback will feature sandwiches.

In the 1980s, executives remarked offhandedly that an increase would be no big deal. Not everyone sat back in passive acceptance.

The group that organized three units of Burgerville last year are going after a second chain, setting a possible model for organizing the sector.

Rockland County says the measure is needed because a measles outbreak has hit crisis proportions.

In a career that shifted from politics to business and back, the West Point graduate headed one of the industry’s largest foodservice operations and later invested in several others through The Carlyle Group.

The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics jointly recommended more forceful ways of curbing youngsters’ consumption of sugary drinks.