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IHOP adds 2 executives to its senior management

In what the family chain describes as key hires, MIchael Kaufman has come aboard to focus on strategy and analytics, and Jacob Barden has moved over from Burger King to oversee development.

Consumer Trends

Where the restaurant industry stands 18 months into the pandemic

A snapshot just released by the National Restaurant Association shows a business solidly in recovery mode, but with uncertainties arising because of the delta variant.

A Restaurant Business survey found that wish lists are shaped in no small part by costs, including ongoing usage fees. But whatever the financial burden, throughput and efficiency trump other considerations.

A key source of sales for expense-account-dependent operations of all types, corporate customers are canceling trips and cutting back their plans.

About 50 workers in at least 18 Buffalo, N.Y., stores say they've filed for a vote on representation by SEIU.

A veteran of the nation's two largest hospitality unions was sworn in as a director of the federal government's unionization watchdog.

Indications are mounting that the answer is yes, though no proposal has been formally introduced. Speculation abounds as to when it would happen.

In two separate cases, operators were charged with using undocumented workers for what federal authorities termed "forced labor."

Under the pilot program, restaurants converted from a pre-existing dining establishment can use the safety approvals granted to the concepts they replace. The shift is expected to cut two weeks out of the opening process.

A survey of about 5,300 small businesses reveals that the delta strain of coronavirus has landlords waiting and operators worried.

Restaurant employees will also be required to wear a face covering. The mandate applies to residents and visitors despite their vaccination status.

Independents had an easier time getting staff and federal relief, according to new data from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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