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A look back at Gene Lee's sometimes contrarian approach to leading Darden

The longtime restaurant leader intends to retire in May. Here's how his thinking has influenced a casual-dining giant—if not the industry itself, according to RB's Reality Check.


Why this COVID surge may bring fewer restaurant restrictions than last time

Elsewhere in the world, service limits are being imposed on restaurants again. But in the U.S., officials are relying on vaccination and mask mandates to avoid caps on seating and hours of operation. At least until now.

A proposal currently before the City Council would prevent restaurants from including sugary beverages in kids meals unless parents specifically request them.

Supplies of whole eggs could drop by as much as 90%, the poultry industry warns.

Meanwhile, the operators of three cafes in Massachusetts have voluntarily agreed to recognize union representation of their employees.

The measure takes effect Wednesday and will run for at least a month.

As of Jan. 3, total vaccination will be required of all restaurant guests and employees unless they've tested negative for COVID-19 in the prior 24 hours. Testing will no longer be accepted as of Jan. 17.

The industry's ranks of innovators were thinned by the passing of these giants.

Little will change at the Buffalo, N.Y., location that voted to join a union, said North American President Rossann Williams. But she also said the vote was not official.

The requirement, which applies to all indoor public businesses, is intended to temper a current surge in new COVID cases in some areas of the state.

The book, published six months after his death, abounds in anecdotes that illustrate the chain leader's singular style. Here's a sampling.

Two industry groups have jointly asked to join a lawsuit aiming to define the term in an employee-friendlier fashion.

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