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Union threatens a work stoppage at some US Foods facilities

The Teamsters says it's ready to strike, and the distributor reports it's developing contingencies.


What even the robots might have missed at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show

Sweet & Sour: From android armies to a different sort of pot pie, here are the surprises we long time show-goers discovered at the industry’s first annual convention in three years.

As of this month, about six dozen companies are shifting to a four-day work week, without any change in hours per day or pay.

Working Lunch: Restaurateurs could be stoking controversy with their stances on everything from guns to tipping.

Reality Check: If you think the now-defunct brand did little more than popularize fried clams, read on.

The group supporting the drive says it will earmark the money to pay workers if they walk off their jobs during contract negotiations.

AMC's newest facility features seat delivery and far more than popcorn. A bar is coming.

The administration intends to use a combination of sticks and carrots to update building codes.

Working Lunch: In some instances, public companies would also have to specify the contributions of suppliers and customers.

The deal adds a 19th brand to the Canadian franchisor's holdings, which include Milestones and Pita Pit.

Workers at more than 100 Starbucks units have now voted to organize, and employees of other coffee chains have taken steps to do likewise.

The shooter in Uvalde, Texas, had reportedly worked in a restaurant to pay for his guns and ammo. Here are some flags that a member of your staff might be contemplating violence.

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