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Black Bear Diner appoints president, COO

The new executives, both promoted from within, will aid in the family chain’s expansion, headquarters said.


Wage hikes force large-scale restaurant closings, study finds

A survey of employers and employees also shows widespread elimination of jobs and cutbacks in hours.

The chain will test new technology to streamline a.m. service, part of a larger push to provide more convenience and higher-quality items.

But federal officials say they are still unable to identify the source restaurants, supermarkets or suppliers.

A local trade group is pushing for concessions to protect brick-and-mortar establishments and their customers.

With more than 1,000 executives in attendance, some surprising trends could be gleaned from the presentations and casual conversations. Here are four that might have turned a keen listener’s head.

The decision comes as more jurisdictions are eyeing bans on cashless establishments, saying they discriminate against low-income consumers.

A brand’s maturity doesn’t have to equate to obsolescence, according to several of the industry’s oldest brands. At the Restaurant Leadership Conference, they and several middle-aged chains explained how they do it.

For the second time in a week, employees of a unit have voted to become part of an Industrial Workers of the World affiliate.

Seventy-two people in five states have been sickened, but officials say there is no need for restaurants to drop any products.

Wellspring Capital is now the owner of Lucky Strike.

The system’s two largest operators both announced switches in their management ranks.