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Batten down the hatches for more severe weather ahead

The storms that dampened restaurant traffic during Q1 were a preview of what the industry can expect through the remainder of 2024, though with more heat, wind and rain, according to forecasters.


Where are Simone Biles fans going to eat this Olympics?

Reality Check: Restaurants will be competing for attention this year with the Summer Games and political advertising. It could be a test of whether digital marketing, and loyalty programs in particular, can deliver on their promise.

Working Lunch: "We may be on the verge of having an organizing effort in the fine-dining segment."

The produce likely never made it to restaurants or supermarkets, according to the FDA, because supplies were halted at the distributor and wholesaler stages of the supply chain.

Biloxi's Mary Mahoney's pleaded guilty to selling more than 29 tons of imported junk fish as premium local species.

The segment's old guard is striving to amp up its traditional strength of providing value, but with more relevant and higher-quality menu options.

Resources and management's attention will be focused on a rejuvenation of the company's namesake brand, whose traffic is down 20% year to date, executives told Wall Street Thursday.

Restaurant Rewind: The lines between segments aren't the only traditional boundaries that are being smudged in today's competitive environment. Contrary to the old rules, concepts are tapping the drawing power of competitors for share of stomach.

New research shows a majority of the public supports banning cultivated meats, as two states just did.

Working Lunch: The new process is already being used against single-unit operations.

Reality Check: The casual dining giant sold Red Lobster in a cloud of controversy a decade ago. Here's why a return to the fold may not be as crazy as it sounds.

Henry will assume the seat vacated by fast-casual veteran Bill Moreton. At age 50, she becomes the youngest member of Cracker Barrel's board.

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