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J. Alexander’s sales surge in September

Sales have recovered to more than 90% of pre-COVID levels. Management says August was the turning point.


Texas raises restaurants' indoor seating cap to 75%

Gov. Abbott also eased requirements that menus and condiment packages be single-use.

The move comes as the franchise community is awaiting action to overturn last week's bombshell court decision.

Delivery was supposed to be the big gainer of the pandemic. But operators have discovered that an old service coupled with new technology is what they’re seeing as a greater sales opportunity.

The measure would extend through the full reopening of dining rooms. It would not be available to chain restaurants.

The chain will begin tests later this month of grab-and-go service and free-standing catering kitchens.

The decision also overturns a 25-person cap on dining room capacities.

Management also reported that sales have rebounded to within 28.2% of pre-pandemic levels.

The National Restaurant Association said industry sales plunged 34% last month, and 100,000 locations could close in 2020.

The lifelong restaurateur was a kingpin of the local dining scene for half a century.

The assessment applies to outdoor as well as indoor dining, and calls for measures to offset the inability of diners to wear masks while eating

Restaurants with reopened dining rooms have recaptured 83.9% of their pre-COVID sales.

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