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Feds shift immigration enforcement focus to employers

Policing agencies have been directed to crack down on bad employers and go lighter on employees.


Restaurant workers are quitting at historically high rates

New government statistics show nearly 7% of hospitality workers left their jobs in August.

Gov. Abbott issued an executive order Monday that bans any business in the state from turning away an employee or customer because they opt not be vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a speech saluting employers who've voluntarily instituted an inoculation requirement, the president said his administration is close to having the specifics of compliance spelled out.

The cafe chain will offer its products in the lodging giant's new Tempo line.

Industry employment leveled off for a second month despite a steep climb in wage rates, according to the latest measures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More than half the wage earners currently working in the hospitality business are planning to quit by Jan. 1, according to new research.

A requirement was approved Wednesday by the City Council, and Mayor Eric Garcetti has already signaled his support.

Beginning next June, operators can only provide packets of catsup, sweeteners or disposable forks upon request.

A new survey also indicates that most operators have yet to finalize a plan for dealing with the requirement.

RB's Reality Check wonders whether these backburner events be the first sign of potentially disruptive trends.

The infection has now sickened 419 consumers in 35 states, with 66 people hospitalized.

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