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Good Times sees the difference between full and limited-service recoveries

But both the limited-service Good Times and the full-service Bad Daddy's are cutting their hours because of labor problems.


Tony Roma's gets a new owner and leader

Ramon Bourgeois is serving as acting CEO after the rib chain was acquired by Equity Investors of New England.

Overall, gratuities rose by a hair, but not every sort of customer adjusted their tipping habits to the times.

A new study shows that higher pay can only take the industry so far. The data indicate that employers might want to think about their working conditions instead.

The union-backed group One Fair Wage has earmarked $1 million for grants to help stem an exodus of restaurant servers.

The executive order gives restaurant employees fewer restrictions on the jobs they can take. Fast-food concepts are one of the intended targets.

Operators say the potential lifeline was jerked away in an information vacuum that left them angry and frustrated.

Members of the Beer Barrel Club get their own keg and a $300 credit for refills.

By week's end, restaurateurs and other employers may be required to meet new safety rules.

The law takes effect in 2022, but restaurants have a grace period in which to use up their inventories.

Simultaneously, six other executives were promoted, strengthening the sports bar concept's infrastructure for growth.

The nine-year veteran will be succeeded by President and CFO Greg Levin. Thomas Houdek will become financial chief.

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