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Consumer Trends

Award winning chains

Technomic has announced the winners of its 2014 Chain Restaurant Consumers’ Choice Awards, which are based on consumer assessments delivered through the research and consulting firm’s ongoing Consumer Brand Metrics study.


Mustard mania—beyond the yellow bottle

Mustard is getting a makeover from chefs across the country.

Cones are no longer just for ice cream. Breaking away from its traditional use as a holder of frozen treats, operators around the country are finding creative ways to use cones in food service.

When Donaberger first started at Saladworks, the Conshohocken, Pa.-based chain had 10,000 Facebook fans and 1,000 Twitter followers. In the span of just over a year, he has more than doubled its Facebook fans to 26,000 and quadrupled Twitter followers to more than 4,000.

Consumers, on the whole, will be making a bit more in 2014. Combine the predicted rise in disposable income for 2014 with the steadily declining rate of unemployment, and there’s hope that wallets will begin to open more easily.

Find out which chain restaurants reigned supreme—and what they’re doing right.

Charcuterie plates loaded with salume and prosciutto hit the restaurant scene at full force within the last few years. But what about non-pork eaters who won’t indulge in Speck or Coppa? Enter pastrami.

When it snows, it, well, snows. Coming off a less-than-robust holiday season, restaurants in much of the country are battling heavy snowfall and bitter-cold temperatures, which keep could consumers at home. But that’s not a given.

QSRs are experimenting with less traditional breads, delivering on consumers’ desire for upscale options.

Americans no longer wait for one of the three main meals to eat; they love to snack—and they do so throughout the day. In fact, when asked as part of a study conducted by the Culinary Visions Panel in October, 2013, when they snack, none of the respondents said they simply don’t partake. Instead, the survey results show that snacking has turned into an all-day dining trend.

Gone are the days of potato chips and stale candy being the only options dispensed from vending machines. Some companies are finding ways to give customers fresh, better-for-you options at the push of a button—without any human interaction.

Going beyond the basic egg-and-cheese combo, chefs are getting creative with what they put on biscuit sandwiches.

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