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Cocktails + brunch = millennial heaven

Many millennials keep their weeknights jam-packed with work or activities, which leaves little time for after-hours socialization. Drunch, a mash-up of "drunk" and "brunch," has become the new dining trend for millennials.


Behind the scenes with Hogsalt Hospitality’s founder and CEO

Taking a less-than-traditional approach to restaurants, Brendan Sodikoff has launched a growing empire in Chicago in just over four years.

Many of the Restaurant Leadership sessions devoted time to understanding millennials. Meanwhile, I was hoping to figure out an older demographic group. How are they different from me?

Visiting chefs aren't the only ones benefiting from pop-ups; hosts reap the business benefits as well.

Restaurant gardens have been all the rage for some time, but the space and commitment traditional gardens require are not realistic for all operations.

One of the overarching themes that ran through Restaurant Leadership Conference was that mobile is a critical part of the restaurant business today.

Where to eat, from fancy to food trucks.

Moto chef and owner Homaro Cantu was so determined to eliminate the need for a human expediter that he opted to create his own software. Now, nine years and many upgrades later, The Matrix is so advanced that it takes the guesswork out of service, from inventory to timing to guest satisfaction. It’s so all-encompassing, he says, that it eliminates the accountability of human error. Read more about it here.

In Dallas, Phil Romano finds—and funds—the next hot thing.

Despite the proliferation of entrants in the largely on-premise better-pizza market, 80 percent of consumers prefer their pizza for takeout or delivery, according to a survey conducted by the mystery-shopper firm A Closer Look.

When Associate Editor Sara Rush first started at Restaurant Business, she didn’t expect her age to be something that would come in so handy. But as the only millennial on the editorial team, her experiences and insights prove helpful to understanding this sometimes vexing age group.

Big names are grabbing a piece of this hot segment.

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