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Disney World Food Trucks

Disney created their own branded, mobile dining destinations: four themed food trucks.

KFC Eleven

KFC parent Yum! Brands launched KFC Eleven, a fast-casual rendition of its national QSR brand, in August with a second unit rumored for this year.

Papa Murphy’s CREATE model, testing in four stores with two more slated for May, brings fresh prep to the forefront. Its open layout puts dough-making and ingredients on display.

Domino’s Pizza is more reliant on technology, such as its online order tracker that is part of its “Pizza Theater” format. It also added in-store seating and an open kitchen. Domino’s had opened more than 200 of these stores as of January.

The new two-unit Sbarro concept serves Neapolitan-style pizzas that are made to order and baked in high-temperature ovens fueled with gas but with wood added for flavor. Prices range from $5.85 to $11.50. The menu is rounded out with salads, desserts, craft beers and wines.

Pizza Hut is a leader in the change, including adding more fresh ingredients, introducing new ovens, interactive ordering and by-the-slice sales.

Legal Crossing, a casual-dining seafood concept, opened in the Downtown Crossing area in March, is the first in a line of standalones designed to cater to specific markets.

Unlike the grab-and-go coffee atmosphere, Teavana’s low lighting, comfy seating and zenlike decor encourage lingering over the drinks. To further distance the two, there is no Starbucks branding anywhere in sight.

Every four months, at Kitchen LTO, a new chef rolls out their own menu while a new designer puts their stamp on the interior’s transformable elements. Currently, Stefania Morandi’s contemporary design pairs with Eric Shelton’s new American menu for a limited run.

One-stop shop. Eataly’s vast open market, with 21 retail departments and 23 restaurants, spans two stories and 63,000 square feet. On the second level, the Birreria room serves up bar snacks and local beers. Cheese, meats and more can be purchased to take home. But if guests want to sample before buying, they can grab a snack or dine at one of the many eateries, such as the I Salumi E Formaggi counter.

Converted repair shops give way to unique design.

A chef-driven food hall in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen brings in locals and tourists alike.

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