Cheesecake Factory


In an uncertain economy, The Cheesecake Factory remains predictable

The chain delivered another quarter of steady growth and few surprises. "Operators were in full control," said CFO Matthew Clark.


Inflation eases for The Cheesecake Factory, but so does customer spending

The chain said business is returning to its pre-pandemic rhythms: "It feels like a relatively normal year."

The 37-acre site in southern Indiana will help support the brand’s key dessert business as it opens more restaurants.

Malls with a Cheesecake Factory are more likely to be current on their loans, according to a Moody’s analysis. But the chain may not be retail's white knight.

Prices were up 10.5% in the second quarter, with additional hikes to come. The chain believes its customers can handle it.

Cheesecake Rewards members will get access to reservations and free birthday cheesecake. The program is expected to go nationwide in June.

The company will open up to 16 North Italias, Flower Childs and other brands from its Fox Restaurant Concepts division.

The casual-dining chain said consumers are accepting of price hikes even as sales slowed. It will need to take even more to fight off inflation.

Regional spikes are having an impact on the chain’s top line. Meanwhile, it continues to battle higher costs for food and labor.

The Arizona restaurateur is finally ready to add locations of Detroit-style Fly Bye and full-service Doughbird after running them as single units for years.

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