Corner Bakery


All restaurants win during March Madness, new research shows

New research shows that a considerable positive impact is felt by restaurants across the board, not just big marketers or operations with a hometown team in the hunt.

The changes include giving casual-dining veteran Mike Hislop a bigger role.

The transition to the second generation of Melmans took a big step forward.

Roark Capital’s chain expanded its menu with grilled flatbreads and a Pick Any Two menu

Modeled after European cafes, the bakery offers high-quality bistro fare throughout the day

While the bakery café menu category saw its total sales increase by 4% to $7.3 billion and units by 1% to 3,499, performance among the individual brands varied widely.

The arrival of spring produce is inspiring operators to toss together new entree salads.

The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

Chains ranking highest in their competitive set deliver more than just good food. They’re winning in all aspects of the dining experience, from service to convenience.