Corner Bakery


For Boston Market, another ugly chapter could be its last

After years of steady decline, the fast-casual brand appears to be in a death spiral of unpaid bills, legal filings and angry customers. Even in a world as forgiving as restaurants, it may be impossible for the chain to come back.


Corner Bakery employees thought they had a savior. They got something else

Jay Pandya took over Corner Bakery during the pandemic in 2020. He demanded tough cost cuts, and refused to pay bills. Employees left in droves. Workers were locked out of stores. And the company’s lender accused him of using the company as a “piggy bank.”

Jay Pandya has long portrayed himself as a “business tycoon,” with restaurant and real estate holdings along the East Coast, before he bought Boston Market and Corner Bakery. But that history is filled with lawsuits, unpaid bills and allegations that he bilked investors.

SSCP Management, owner of Roy’s and a co-owner of Cici’s, won a bankruptcy auction for the fast-casual bakery/café chain.

The hedge fund Wexford Capital, including Famous Dave’s former CEO Jeff Crivello, has an opening bid in an auction for the fast-casual bakery-cafe chain.

The struggling fast-casual bakery-café restaurant chain sought Chapter 11 debt protection as a creditor moved to take control of the company.

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The struggling Roark-owned fast casual has been purchased by the new owner of Boston Market, real estate investor Jignesh Pandya.

The fast-casual chain is reportedly hiring restructuring advisors, making it the latest urban chain to face challenges, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Consumers are seeking more protein in the morning.

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