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Maximize your meat dollars

Commodity prices are on the rise. And animal proteins—always one of a restaurant’s more expensive buys—are getting hit hard. But there are ways you can purchase and plate beef, pork and lamb to ease the pain—without shortchanging your customers or your profits. Listen to what these chefs, suppliers, economists and other experts have to say.


Top 10 menu stories of 2014

McDonald’s plans to customize its menu toward regional preferences and better-for-you items starting in January 2015.

The cowboy-themed chain is the latest casual dining brand to close stores in a difficult environment.

As any entrepreneur worth his salt knows, being successful doesn't mean you never fail.

You have to spend money to make money, and these days you don’t need to spend that much.

You know the signs. Customers don’t even look at the drinks menu anymore. Trendwise, your signature cocktail is so last year. Beverage sales in general are on the decline. It’s time to do something to get guests ordering those high-margin drinks again. Here are the first steps:

After two years as a licensee and investor, Good Times is bringing the casual burger group in-house as a growth vehicle.

Serving Texas-sized portions of mesquite-grilled hand-cut steaks, ribs and seafood in a roadhouse-style setting

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