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Special Reports

Special Reports

There from the beginning

A deep dive into the industry’s history sheds light on where we’re going.

Special Reports

How We Got Here: 1940s

The eruption of World War II brought shortages of food, equipment and labor—precisely as demand for meals prepared outside the home soared to 60 million meals per day, triple the prewar level. Some es...

The decade kicked off with an industrywide promotional campaign that would live on for years and whose tagline would ultimately be “borrowed” by the city of Chicago for its tourism promotion efforts: “We’re Glad You’re Here.”

The National Restaurant Association undertook a program to polish the industry’s image.

A look back at Day One of the Association and its constituency.

Innovators that dared to challenge the norm had a major impact on operations.

Government issues have been as much a part of restaurants as forks and spoons.

As we reflect on the industry’s past, the National Restaurant Association is laying the groundwork for a bright future.

A century ago, labor wasn’t the only industry concern that could have been lifted from today’s roster of pressing issues.

The industry grappled with government-imposed pricing controls, the result of a nationwide beef shortage and tight supplies of other staples, while vying with other fast-growth industries for new employees.

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