Two QSRs win Top Green Ratings

Available on its Web site, www.greenopia.com, the fast food ratings use Greenopia's 4-Leaf rating system to disclose the environmental impact and healthy dining characteristics of 23 of America's most popular restaurant chains.

The most eco-friendly fast food eateries in America are Le Pain Quotidien and Pizza Fusion, the only chains to receive Greenopia's 4-Leaf rating. Burgerville and EVOS each received three Greenopia Leafs. Industry leader McDonald's received one, while many of its direct competitors did not earn any.  "McDonald's seems to be making a dedicated effort," said Doug Mazeffa, director of research. "They are light-green in many respects, but still need to do more to be truly green."

To rate the restaurants, Greenopia's research staff used an extended list of test criteria including green building design, supply chain management and products served, among others. The criteria data were gathered, calculated and analyzed using Greenopia's proprietary lifecycle eco-cost methodology.

"Reality tells us that the average consumer will eat at a fast food restaurant several times per week, even more if they are a family with children," said Gay Browne, Greenopia founder and ceo. "We want to provide the best information on where to meet nutritional needs for the family in a way that is safest for parents, children and the planet."


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