Watchdog group hits subway over ads

A self-described ethical watchdog group is calling on Subway to halt its "Choose Well" advertising campaign that highlights the sandwich chain's low-fat offerings. The National Legal and Policy Center sent a letter to Subway chairman Fred DeLuca and took out a full-page ad in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call to get its point across.

"Subway is not in the weight loss business, yet its marketing campaign leads viewers to believe that Subway can be used as a weight loss program like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers," said NLPC chairman Kenneth Boehm. "Not only is Subway not a purveyor of dietetic food, but many items on its menu could hardly be recommended as healthy fare."

"As a matter of both corporate integrity and public health, Subway should cease running these misleading ads," he added.

NLPC also attacked Subway last summer for distributing tray liners to some units in Germany that ridiculed obese Americans. Subway subsequently pulled the tray liners.


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