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Customers can now bring their own cups to Starbucks

The coffee giant will give customers the option to use their personal cup as the company makes good on a goal to reduce single-use cup waste.


McDonald’s promises net zero emissions by 2050

The burger giant said it would work with its operators, suppliers and other partners to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to fight climate change.

The company is working with Progressive Beef to improve the sustainability of its supply chain.

Tossing out food not only is bad for the planet, it’s also bad for business.

The burger chain said it is committing $5 million to a partnership to develop a recyclable or compostable cup.

These gems were among the words of wisdom served up at the first-time event for emerging chains.

The company is switching to paper in the U.K. and Ireland and will look at alternatives to plastic straws in other countries.

Earlier this year, it was reported that McDonald’s was encouraging its franchisees to train workers to be less rude to customers. But several operators we spoke to feel that hiring the right kind of people from the start is the best way to ensure your staff has the gift of customer service.

TEXAS (August 5, 2010)—Having suffered a killing blow from the Texas Supreme Court one month earlier, the case against the proposed US Foodservice regional...

When it comes to attracting restaurant customers, restroom cleanliness may be as important as food, service and ambience. That finding was reported in a survey of over 1,000 adults by Clorox Professional Products Company.

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