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50 Restaurant Chains Ranked by Local Marketing Success

SOCi’s done extensive research to identify the 50 largest restaurant chains and rank them by their localized digital marketing presence. Join SOCi's Associate Director of Marketing, Olivia Starr, and Restaurant Business for a free webinar to find out who these leading restaurant chains are and discover the tactics you can use to improve your localized marketing strategy for 2021. Register now to save your spot!


WEBINAR—New World, New Playbook: Winning Retail through Grab n’ Go

This webinar is sponsored by our partner King’s Hawaiian. One of the nation’s most iconic brands, King’s Hawaiian shares insights and unique strategies to elevate in-store grab & go sandwich programs. Sharing the stage, some of most prominent and progressive retailers, spilling secrets on what’s been most effective in driving store traffic and attracting new customers.

This webinar is sponsored by our partner MorningStar Farms The full-service sector hasn’t been as resilient as the quick-service sector in contending with the COVID-19 crisis, but clear winners hav...

The restaurant industry changed forever in 2020. How will it look in 2021? Join us for a look at how operators are rethinking their businesses for a post-pandemic world, with approaches ranging from ghost kitchens to new services to completely new formats that pivot on technology.

Customer expectations are changing. Digital is king and there is a greater dependency on creating fluid and safe experiences inside and outside your restaurants.

A 30-45 minute presentation covering new methods in subscriptions and how they can improve your business. Featuring industry-leading speakers.

Restaurant Business Editor Peter Romeo speaks with Restaurant Owners and Lior Koren, product manager for Square for Restaurants on finding the best solutions for your business to adapt.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to rethink many of their strategies, including how customers pay for their orders. Whether they’re paying ahead of time on an app or are using other contactless payment technology, one thing is for sure: the interaction between staff and customers when it comes to handling cash or cards has been minimized—or even eliminated altogether. Join Adyen, in partnership with Restaurant Business, on September 17, 2020 at 1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET for a webinar to learn more about how restaurants are adapting to this new reality, including how they’re handling payment to ensure customer and staff safety. You’ll hear about what technologies are currently available, how operators can implement them in their restaurants and how touchless service enhances the guest experience. Register now.

Loyalty done right can be a game changer for a business. Tune in to this webinar and find out how Taco Bell is getting loyalty right … and which areas it needs to improve on.

In this session, Restaurant Business editors Patricia Cobe and Heather Lalley provide insights into maximizing to-go business with best practices, menu adaptation and innovative ideas.

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