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Webinar: Maximizing Sales with Takeout and Delivery

In this session, Restaurant Business editors Patricia Cobe and Heather Lalley provide insights into maximizing to-go business with best practices, menu adaptation and innovative ideas.


Evolving Dynamics of Off-Premise

In this session, Melissa Wilson, principal with Technomic, will provide an up-to-date snapshot on the current state of off-premise, shifts in consumer utilization of the various off-premise formats and consumer expectations looking ahead.

This webinar will focus on four things you should consider as you build out a post-COVID-19 reopening strategy.

Turning to takeout and delivery can make up for some lost revenue, but in the long term, that may not be enough to stay in business.

A 45-minute presentation on current consumer behavior during the COVID-19 crisis.

Restaurant Business and Technomic partner to bring you a webinar series on the coronavirus and its impact on restaurants, and what operators should know as they head into a spring of uncertainty.

To remain competitive and grow, it’s imperative that restaurant chain operators focus on improving operations execution at every location, which can be a key point of differentiation if done well.

Register today to learn more about what’s heating up in 2020 and how to maximize the benefits these trends can offer to your business or facility.

Join Restaurant Business' experts Peter Romeo and Sara Rush Wirth for a webinar on maximizing off-premise opportunities.

Tune in to this webinar to learn how you can best engage with this up and coming generation.

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