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10 Groundbreaking Concepts

Market newcomers from the past year that set a new direction for the industry

10 Groundbreaking Concepts

Kitchen United

Evolving off-premise action

10 Groundbreaking Concepts


The restaurant industry as a whole may be slow to adopt technology, but Eatsa has embraced it full force, being lauded as a fully automated restaurant...

The one-size-fits-all approach of big legacy chains may be giving way to more diversified, regionalized methods of restaurant development, even for concepts...

There’s a movement afoot among some big-name chefs who are stepping back from high-end cuisine to launch fast-food concepts. “Chefs are really getting...

A proscenium frames a stone pizza oven, open kitchen and barista-manned coffee bar. Cherry-oak tile leads to an “Order Fresh Food Here” pillar with...

Consumers may say they want more healthy items on restaurant menus, but selling food as medicine might not be the easiest marketing pitch. Yet it’s the...

McD's invests in becoming the ultimate concept for convenience

Co-working-customer stealer

Retail brands invade restaurant space

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