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Restaurant Business Executive Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze is a longtime industry journalist who writes about restaurant finance, mergers and acquisitions and the economy, with a particular focus on quick-service restaurants. He writes daily about the factors influencing the operating environment, including labor and food costs and various industry trends such as technology and delivery.

Jonathan has been widely quoted in media publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post and has appeared on CNBC, Yahoo Finance and NPR. He writes a weekly finance-focused newsletter for Restaurant Business, The Bottom Line, and is the host of the weekly podcast “A Deeper Dive.”


Inside the turnaround at Corner Bakery

The fast-casual brand was in freefall before it filed for bankruptcy last year. But improved operations and marketing, and a lot of hard work, have helped the chain turn the corner.


Winners and losers from the most recent round of earnings

The Bottom Line: Wingstop, Burger King franchisees and robots were the big winners. But maybe count out dynamic pricing for a while.

The Bottom Line: People making $50,000 or less have cut back on dining as prices have soared. But that group remains an important source of industry traffic.

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual chain has wanted to go public for years. But controversies, lawsuits, a menu overhaul and an ingredient downgrade made that a bad idea.

The Bottom Line: Sardar Biglari, chairman of the chain’s owner Biglari Holdings, details how the addition of kiosks and counter service has transformed restaurants.

The Bottom Line: The pizza delivery chain’s business with companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash is thriving while its own delivery is slowing. But this isn’t the beginning of the end of self-delivery, CEO Rob Lynch says.

The Bottom Line: The burger chain mentioned last week that it would test the pricing strategy sometime next year. Consumers frustrated with prices reacted swiftly.

The Bottom Line: The federal government allowed the chain’s founder to avoid major penalties by simply paying $1,000. What’s the point of regulation in the first place?

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual wing chain says its sales improve when another brand pushes the product. Here’s why that might be.

The Bottom Line: Snow and cold in January kept customers from visiting restaurants. Here's why this might be a bigger influence in the future.

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