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Restaurant Business Executive Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze is a longtime industry journalist who writes about restaurant finance, mergers and acquisitions and the economy, with a particular focus on quick-service restaurants. He writes daily about the factors influencing the operating environment, including labor and food costs and various industry trends such as technology and delivery.

Jonathan has been widely quoted in media publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post and has appeared on CNBC, Yahoo Finance and NPR. He writes a weekly finance-focused newsletter for Restaurant Business, The Bottom Line, and is the host of the weekly podcast “A Deeper Dive.”


Here's another reason why sales might slow later this year

The Bottom Line: U.S. consumers, which have kept spending at restaurants despite higher prices, are running out of excess pandemic savings. That might affect their spending.


The restaurant check has grown entirely too complicated

The Bottom Line: Service fees, health care fees, more tipping demands and higher prices have made the process of paying a bill more complex than ever. It may be time to rethink this.

The Bottom Line: Earnings reports this period suggest a substantial slowdown in same-store sales among large chains in the second quarter. Are prices to blame? Or is it normalization?

The Bottom Line: Customers are pushing back on higher prices and more brands are looking for ways to get diners to return more often.

The Bottom Line: Beyond Meat’s foodservice sales declined 45% last quarter as the everyday fast-food consumer remains a substantial skeptic.

The Bottom Line: Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch sounds the alarm on overly aggressive price hikes, suggesting the industry got “a little punch drunk” raising prices.

The Bottom Line: The sandwich giant is reportedly expected to complete a sale by Labor Day. But it’s never been a slam dunk. And here’s why.

The Bottom Line: An analysis of the burger giant’s locations shows that its biggest opportunity to add more restaurants may not be in the Southeast.

The Bottom Line: Inflation is easing, profitability is improving, the consumer is more resilient than expected and we might avoid a recession. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns.

The Bottom Line: Concepts that specialize in slow-smoked meat have had some challenges over the past few years, with one key exception: Mission BBQ.

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