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Starbucks will start paying travel expenses for abortions and gender-affirming procedures

The company will reimburse workers if the procedures are not available within 100 miles of where they live.


Dutch Bros gets a cold dose of public company reality

The Bottom Line: The drive-thru coffee chain’s sales were weak because of high gas prices and its more conservative pricing decisions. But it hurt the chain’s earnings and its reputation on Wall Street.

The coffee giant sent a letter expressing concern that it wasn’t invited to tell its side of the story amid an ongoing battle with labor activists.

The coffee chain believes it has considerable potential selling food in the afternoons. But it is also pushing more espresso and cold beverages and, naturally, drive-thrus.

The honor, given by the editors of Restaurant Business, recognized the newly public chain’s strong corporate culture, successful loyalty program and thoughtful growth.

The fast-casual chain is using software from the maker of Flippy to monitor the coffee station so workers don’t have to.

The chain, which is publicly traded in the U.S., says it is positioned for financial stability. The company was derailed after it was found to have fabricated more than $300 million in sales.

Starbucks’ interim CEO said in a blog post directed at managers that union organizing focuses on “conflict, division and dissension.” It comes as the coffee giant continues to lose more unionization votes.

By ending the coffee giant’s share repurchase program, the interim CEO is moving away from an increasingly popular financial strategy, hoping to win friends outside of Wall Street.

Making his third return to the company he built, the new chief executive said the company would reinvest funds into its people amid a growing unionization effort.

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