Coffee chain Blank Street opens 'The Green Room' as innovation cafe

The brand’s newest location in New York City’s Soho neighborhood showcases a rotating menu, beverages in test and an enhanced customer experience.


Why social media, and not price, is behind Starbucks' sales problems

The Bottom Line: The coffee shop chain lost momentum quickly in November. That was too fast to be explained by consumer reaction over the prices of its beverages.

Same-store sales increased 10% in the company’s first quarter as boba, protein coffee and more awareness drove traffic to its shops.

The former CEO of the coffee shop giant, who handpicked the current chief executive, said the company’s problems “begin at home.” And he urged the chain to overhaul its mobile ordering platform.

The Bottom Line: The coffee shop giant’s sales struggles worsened earlier this year, despite a flurry of efforts to improve operations and employee satisfaction.

The Seattle-based coffee shop giant said that its performance in its second quarter “did not meet our expectations” amid a “highly challenged environment.” The news sent its stock plunging.

The Seattle-based coffee shop chain, which now gets most of its beverage sales from cold coffee, is introducing new, more sustainable cups that cut plastic by up to 20%.

Thanks to a sign-up process that is baked into its operations, 92% of transactions at the fast-growing drive-thru coffee chain come from known guests.

The subscription drinks program that was $11.99 per month is now $14.99 per month, a 25% increase.

The coffee shop chain told customers late last week that it would end its Starbucks Odyssey NFT virtual restaurant loyalty program experiment "to prepare for what comes next."

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