Dutch Bros' strong margins give the company flexibility as wages are set to soar

The drive-thru beverage chain’s shop profit margins soared last quarter, to 31%, thanks to a combination of price hikes and efficiency. It will help with California wages set to increase next year.


Record demand drove strong Starbucks sales last quarter

The chain’s U.S. same-store sales rose 8% as more customers ordered more products and more add-ons and its loyalty membership hit a record.

The Seattle-based coffee giant believes it has plenty of room to add more stores in the U.S., but it also believes that efficiencies can cut $3 billion in costs over the next three years.

The chain’s president will take over at the drive-thru coffee chain for the retiring Todd Graeve on Jan. 1.

Workers United accused the coffeehouse giant of unfair labor practices by sharing a list of union stores with pro-Israel groups angered by "solidarity with Palestine" messages. Starbucks, however, says the list did not come from the company.

Chad Gretzema will take over the 69-unit coffee chain, which is targeting 100 locations by 2025.

The drive-thru coffee chain is one of the fastest-growing concepts in the U.S. and has deals to keep it going. The company believes it has the training in place to make it work.

A Deeper Dive: John Davidson, CEO of the rapidly growing concept, joins the podcast to talk about growth, how he wants to build “the Dollar General of coffee,” and why his brand can grow this quickly.

The former CEO and chairman emeritus is no longer company director as part of a planned transition. Wei Zhang, former Alibaba senior advisor, will take on the role.

Traffic has surged this year following the introduction of the coffee giant's fall lineup last month, according to the data firm And one of the biggest reasons is the day of the week the lineup was launched.

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