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Coronavirus Resources


Still need financial aid? The SBA says it has more options

The PPP and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund may be done, but the agency's Emergency Injury Disaster Loan program still has money available for loans and grants.


WARN Act filings breed confusion for restaurant chains

Just ask P.F. Chang's, says RB's Reality Check.

The restaurant industry had never faced a situation like the pandemic. What have operators learned that could help them survive the next onslaught? Here’s what we’re hearing.

The CDC updated its guidelines yesterday for keeping the confrontations from escalating into violence. How well do your policies conform?

The coronavirus crisis is decimating independent restaurants. Here are just some of the many iconic independents that have recently announced permanent closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stores in Texas have generated $20,500 in weekly on-premise sales, even with three of every four seats out of use.

The requirements or recommendations for resuming dine-in service vary widely from state to state, if they exist at all. Here's a sampling, along with some of the few near-constants.

With dining rooms set to reopen in both states Monday, operators have been given new safety operating protocols.

Most states are still drafting the guidelines, but a few glimmers have emerged.

The breakfast and lunch chain pledged to provide restaurant managers with a bonus when they're rehired so their annual pay for the year will remain the same.

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