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Snapshot: Fast forward

Americans just can’t seem to slow down their fast food consumption; even health-conscious consumers are choosing quickservice meals. Despite constant industry criticism, these stats show that there is nothing passé about food on the go.

Frugal Behaviors Adopted During Recession to Impact Food and Beverage Trends in 2010 and Beyond

NEW YORK, NY (January 29, 2010 - Marketwire)—The frugal behaviors adopted during therecession are becoming engrained and reflect a new normal...

The only way I got through the long, icy winter we recently endured was by dreaming about sunny summer beach days. The beaches in the Northeast are some of the most beautiful in the world. And for sunbathers looking for great eats, close to the sand and waves are shacks, stands and restaurants serving up the best lobster rolls in the world.

Bound’ry’s decanting ceremony is a bit of theater that helps sell more wine. For young, tannic wines the restaurant employs a “flash decanter” to aerate the wine—a process performed at the table. Beforehand, the guest is given a sip straight from the bottle so that they can taste the difference.

Combined, the Hispanic and Asian communities now make up 22% of the U.S. population—a statistic that is having a huge impact on Americans' eating habits. Add to that the large number of additional Americans who embrace change and multicultural influences, and the result is a majority who seek out and appreciate authentic and flavor-forward global foods.

Taking your restaurant’s show on the road through catering is a growing opportunity—as long as you don’t lose your identity along the way.

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