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Famous Dave’s is having an identity crisis

The barbecue chain is looking to evolve, both as a casual dining chain and a takeout concept.


Consider the classics

Some comfort foods are so popular that they’ve become menu must-haves. Fried chicken, meat loaf, steak, ribs—these are enduring customer favorites, and sure-fire bestsellers for restaurant operators.

Although the terms “Scandinavian” and “Nordic” are used interchangeably, Scandinavia originally referred only to Norway, Sweden and Denmark while Nordic is an umbrella term created by the French (“Pays Nordiques” or “Nordic Countries”) to also include Finland and Iceland. While each country claims its unique dishes, all share similarities.

The inaugural NolaLoyola: Live to Eat, a scholarly symposium celebrating the culture of New Orleans, culminated in a candid restaurant discussion that had the audience laughing. Iconic local food figures Leah Chase of Dooky Chase Restaurant, JoAnn Clevenger of Upperline Restaurant, and Ti Martin of Commander's Palace related their experiences with the wit and straightforward charm one expects from New Orleans restaurateurs.

Many Asian restaurants rely on imported dried and canned ingredients to create dishes close to the originals. But that’s not the way chef Gregory Gourdet cooks at Departure, a modern Pan-Asian spot in Portland, Oregon.

Is “better pizza” following in the footsteps of “better burgers” as the next fast-casual star? Some industry veterans are betting on it, including...

For restaurateurs on the road, dining out is never just a quest for a delicious meal. It’s a mission to gather inspiration and intelligence from other concepts—from operational gurus to the competition. This is the dining guide for you.

Is low-carb eating really here to stay? Plenty of restaurants seem to think so.

While the rest of the world cries at the gas pump, Jonathan Pratt, a restaurant owner in Westchester County, New York, is singing the praises of a cheap new alternative fuel: "It saves me money, it improves the lifespan of the motor, its lubricity is better than diesel's, it doesn't pollute—and it smells good."

How to cook with less fat, salt and sugar—and not have your food taste like cardboard. Also, how to add complex carbs to your repetoire and how to stock a healthy kitchen.

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