Chefs dish on the rise of Houston's culinary scene

Take a melting-pot population, add chefs who’ve trained and cooked elsewhere before coming back to the area, and you have the ingredients for a trend-setting restaurant city rife with ideas.

Starbucks' end run into the fast-casual burger market

The latest business departure of the ever-diversifying coffee giant calls for the launch next month of a fast-casual burger place hiding in a café.

The British restaurant scene is booming, according to Peter Backman, an annual visitor to the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Backman sat down with Senior Editor Pat Cobe to share some other insights into what's trending in the U.K. Did someone say "fast casual"?

Senior Editor Pat Cobe shares 10 business-building food and beverage trends she spotted at the show.

Find out which 10 restaurant trends we kept encountering in our journey through the National Restaurant Association’s annual convention in Chicago.

For restaurateurs on the road, dining out is never just a quest for a delicious meal. It’s a mission to gather inspiration and intelligence from other concepts—from operational gurus to the competition. This is the dining guide for you.

McDonald’s has introduced a new Horchata Frappe drink as part of its late-afternoon McCafe menu at participating stores in Southern California.

Ask any Southern chef, and he’ll tell you that pickles are an essential element on a charcuterie plate. But why limit the pig-and-pickle combination to a board of salumi and prosciutto?

Check-splitting policies, squeezing more from the charcuterie trend and other easy-to-adopt-anywhere ideas from South Carolina chefs.

Chicken and waffles is now trending on mainstream menus. Here are some unique takes on this classic Southern duo.

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