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Feeding the night owls

Late-night dining is the rage, so maybe it’s time to think about keeping the doors open a little longer.

The World

For the past seven years, San Pellegrino has celebrated the top 50 restaurants worldwide, chosen by a poll of over 800 chefs, critics and industry experts...

Whispers of optimism are filling the dining-sphere as we embark on a new year. There's no question that a different reality still permeates the restaurant...

We go international this week: A new “caveman” take-out restaurant in Copenhagen. A London restaurant gives would-be brides an assist. Chicago restaurants create international menus. And an Atlanta pizza place addresses the international issue of crying babies.

The fast-casual industry buzz is all about how the “Chipotle effect” has propelled this segment into super growth mode. But few have felt the effect as keenly as Chipotle’s own culinary manager Nate Appleman and director of concept development Tim Wildin.

Inspired by the diversity of Asian ingredients, Chef Alex Diestra has reinvented pan-Asian cuisine at Saucebox in Portland, Ore. Diestra infuses dishes with distinctive combinations of flavors from the Philippines, China, Thailand and Burma, in addition to other Asian countries.

Yum! Brands is at it again, rolling out another fast-casual test concept in the Dallas area. Instead of fried chicken (the subject of a previous test, SuperChix in Arlington, Texas), it’s floating Southeast Asian “street” sandwiches, known as banh mi.

The holidays are approaching, and a feeling of celebration is filling the air. Every occasion seems a bit more festive, right down to splurging on a bottle of wine with dinner.

Drizzle vinaigrettes on everything from appetizers to desserts— they're not just for salads anymore.

The only event of its kind within the foodservice and hospitality industry, MFHA's annual conference allows top executives to collaboratively take a good...

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