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Breakfast comes of age

No longer just an add-on, breakfast is big business, bringing in $57 billion a year to restaurants (2011 Mintel Breakfast Report). Savvy foodservice...

Restaurants that moved me

Senior Editor Pat Cobe talks about how restaurants came to the rescue before, during and after a recent move from New York to Chicago, nourishing both body and soul.

The concept will see how its Asian-flavored American comfort foods will fare in the nation that inspired it.

Seaweed is the ocean's top vegetable crop.

Restaurants are offering late-night menus to please night owls who want exciting food and drink into the wee hours.

Consultant Gregg Rapp, a menu engineer based in Palm Springs, California, critiques some variations on the traditional menu nomenclature.

The strategic location of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria along the NorthAfrican coast has played a major role in their culinary legacy.Although the three...

One of our recent research trips was to the Mexican state of Veracruz. Throughout our travels, the rest of the research team and I have been taking notes, photographs and videos to document the ingredients, techniques, dishes and traditions of the many different countries and places in Latin America.

To assume an industry leadership position in the culinary field, it’s a given that a chef possesses strong technical abilities. But to become a leader and an innovator, there are additional skills and areas of expertise that a chef must gain. Returning to the building blocks of flavor and gaining a strong knowledge of today’s global flavors is key.

What will I do if a huge, highly successful restaurant from a national chain moves nearby? In many cities across the nation, restaurants have had to close their doors simply because they could not compete with the new neighborhood Goliath. The following are exciting promotional tactics that operators can use to instantly boost business. These strategies are designed for smaller businesses to continually outmaneuver their larger competitors.

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