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Travelin' brand

Taking your restaurant’s show on the road through catering is a growing opportunity—as long as you don’t lose your identity along the way.

Cover story part 1: Opportunity knocks

Bad economy got you down? Core business just ain't what it used to be? Then get some ideas from these operators, who've developed some profitable sidelines.

While rice is the staple crop of Asia, most of the rice served in Asian restaurants in the United States is homegrown.

What to look for when purchasing olives and olive oil—two Mediterranean staples.

Where Asian cultures merge and mix. Pan-Asian is a term batted around loosely in restaurant circles these days, but the cuisine has long existed in its truest form in Singapore.

Along with its neighbors Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia occupies the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia.

We keep hearing about Americans’ increasingly sophisticated palates, but how adventurous are today’s restaurant customers? While some are eager to experiment with new flavors and cuisines, there’s a counter-trend toward back-to-roots comfort foods, reports Technomic’s American Express MarketingBriefing. And according to Mintel’s Innovation on the Menu: Flavor Trends, some familiar flavors are leading the pack.

The Park City Area Restaurant Association (PCARA) held its fifth annual Savor the Summit—one of the world’s longest dinner parties—on Saturday, June 23.

From Turkish kabobs and Greek gyros to Mexican tacos and Indian flatbreads, street vendors the world over have forever been selling hearty snacks-to-go. Now...

Chicken and waffles is now trending on mainstream menus. Here are some unique takes on this classic Southern duo.

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