The nightmares of healthy-menu planners

Growing consumer obsession with dieting has many menu planners counting calories in their sleep.

Does the web really build sales?

A recent Restaurant Business survey of 140 casual, quick-service and fine-dining operators revealed that 72 percent use the Web for business purposes, ranging from taking online reservations and food orders to soliciting comments from their customers.

With childhood obesity increasing yearly, some restaurants are taking more responsibility to offer healthy menus with kid-appeal.

A recent Y-Pulse Dream Kitchen Survey of school-aged kids found that today’s youngsters are knowledgeable about and interested in truly global foods as...

Peru is a land of contrast, a country that defines the meaning of biodiversity—from coastal deserts that receive almost no rainfall, to the rugged...

For the first time, the McCormick Flavor Forecast is taking a global view of trends in 2012. After a year of research conducted by an international group of chefs, sensory scientists, trend watchers and marketing experts, McCormick compiled a list of innovative and creative flavor combinations that are beginning to pop up around the world. Six relevant trends were identified, brought to life through 12 regional flavor combinations.

Global cuisines and flavors will continue to play an integral role in consumers’ restaurant choices. Industry studies reveal that customers are increasingly driven to try unique flavors. In its Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Technomic finds that 52% of respondents express a preference for restaurants that offer unique or original flavors, up from 42% of those polled in 2009.

"Bold" is becoming a boring mantra on menus; flavor-craving customers want more. To tempt their taste buds—and wallets—chefs and menu developers across all segments are experimenting with flavor enhancing cooking techniques, layering flavors for maximum effect and punching up dishes with housemade condiments.

Chicken-and-biscuit and chicken-and-waffle combos appear on about 6% of menus nationwide. While growth was flat over the last year, it varies by region.

Any good fisherman will tell you to "fish when the fish are bitin'." Sounds like common sense, so why do we often ignore the obvious when it comes to our own business?

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