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The healthy kitchen

With the push to offer healthier choices, restaurants must rethink not only how they prepare food but the equipment they use to prepare it. We asked a few...

The Week in Ideas, April 15, 2013

Sometimes the best idea is to ask for help. Using trademarks against your competitors. Dumpster-diver cuisine. And an idea to deal with reservation no-shows.

New ideas and trends can bubble up from the non-commercial side of food service as much as they trickle down from restaurants, as Senior Editor Pat Cobe discovered at a recent conference for food service directors.

These innocent-looking roots pack a potent punch in both their natural and processed forms.Few ingredients have the ability to fire up a dish quite like horseradish and wasabi.

Americans have their flapjacks and Hungarians their palascintas. Seems that a culture isn't a culture without its very own pancake.

The new Whole Foods Market in Portland, Maine, is a 48,000-square-foot behemoth, just two blocks off the turnpike spur that connects Maine’s largest city with a string of affluent towns along the coast.

As sushi continues its conquest of the mainstream, it’s becoming more and more clear that raw fish was only the first wave of a Japanese culinary invasion. Over the past two to three years, one Japanese concept after another has hit our shores with only a passing glance toward sushi—if there’s any recognition at all. They are authentic, specialized and high concept.

How five emerging chains plan to grow in 2010—and how they're going to finance it.

Casual and quickservice concepts first marketed BBQ’s essence merely using the sauce (Chipotle BBQ sauce for those fries?). Now other nuances of barbeque are infiltrating restaurant chains to include side dishes, smoking techniques and even marinades.

When R.J. and Jerrod Melman, sons of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises founder Richard Melman, were given the chance to create a restaurant of their own.

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