A fresh take on salmon

The challenge: to create a “home-run” salmon dish that could supplant the grilled salmon that had been on Brio Tuscan Grill’s menu since day one.

Concept to Scout: Banh Shop

Yum! Brands is at it again, rolling out another fast-casual test concept in the Dallas area. Instead of fried chicken (the subject of a previous test, SuperChix in Arlington, Texas), it’s floating Southeast Asian “street” sandwiches, known as banh mi.

Chicken-and-biscuit and chicken-and-waffle combos appear on about 6% of menus nationwide. While growth was flat over the last year, it varies by region.

The fried fish sandwich is a staple in limited service, but few chains have taken a deeper dive.

Check out the 10 hottest trends in the specialty sector; trends that may help restaurant operators in their purchasing strategies and menu development. Here’s what’s happening on the other side.

Portability and speed feed the morning customer, boosting the popularity of grab-and-go items.

Shopping for business ideas in the grocery aisle. If our team spends one more hour at Chicago’s Eataly, we’ll have to start forwarding our mail there.

Since opening in April, Super Chix has snagged much attention, and not necessarily because of its food.

In just nine months, the number of restaurant locations offering breakfast menus grew by 13 percent, according to the Breakfast Insights of Champions report recently released by Chicago research company Food Genius.

Technically, the name is Wow! That’s Fresh. But Outback Steakhouse and PDQ co-founder Bob Basham likely doesn’t mind the shock value of the name. The fast-casual concept will feature pizza and salads as well as burgers.

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