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More eating time at the airport

Heightened security and countless flight delays mean more time spent at the airport. Add in meal-less flights and you have a lot of hungry travelers.


Buying organic & sustainable

While the USDA has established identity standards for organic labeling, there are no clear guidelines for sustainable products.

When the first Europeans landed in America, the natives they encountered relied on three staple crops—corn, beans and squash—along with wild berries, fruits and other plants. Fishing and hunting filled out their meals.

The cuisine at Fifth Floor draws from Mediterranean and global influences, but seasonality is the number one priority.

Instead of fighting the growing trend of restaurant customers posting photos of their menu orders, Felipe Donnelly, owner of Cómodo, a four-month old Latin American eatery in Soho, New York, has embraced it, using the photos to create what is being called the first Instagram menu.

Moms and dads surveyed recently by Restaurant.com claim that they enjoy going to restaurants as a family.

Check out the 10 hottest trends in the specialty sector; trends that may help restaurant operators in their purchasing strategies and menu development. Here’s what’s happening on the other side.

For years Italian food to most Americans meant Southern-style red sauce, meatballs, and spaghetti.

Edna Morris has been named the interim executive director of the James Beard Foundation, with responsibility for cleaning up the organization's image and structure in the wake of a scandal related to a former chief's embezzlement of funds.

With the termination of a proposed income trust transaction last year, the company has determined that there is no further need to continue with the separate...

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