Automated beverage system Botrista lands investment from Jollibee Foods

The Philippines-based owner of Jollibee and Smashburger called Botrista’s DrinkBot machine a “game-changer.”


Energy drinks are finding their place in the restaurant space

Energy drinks have been around in the restaurant industry for many years, but the market is expected to grow and restaurants are quick to get on board.

The drinks come in two varieties: Baja Blast Charged Berry or Mountain Dew Energy Baja Blast.

As they look to provide value during a time of high inflation, full-service restaurants are sacrificing some of their highest-margin items: drinks.

Building on the success of its coffee subscription, the fast casual launched the $10.99-a-month Unlimited Sip Club, which offers 26 self-serve beverages.

A new law set to take effect Nov. 1 will limit when customers can use a non-biodegradable version and requires restaurants to steer them to more environmentally friendly options.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation turning his emergency pandemic measure into law, enabling to-go liquor to be a post-pandemic option for restaurants.