Cheesecake Factory says COVID—not the economy—is messing with sales

Regional spikes are having an impact on the chain’s top line. Meanwhile, it continues to battle higher costs for food and labor.


Amid rare sales slide, Wingstop pulls some growth levers

The chain is joining Uber Eats and expanding chicken sandwiches nationwide after same-store sales fell 3.3%.

The fast-food burger giant saw more normalized use last quarter, as customers make smaller orders and go through the drive-thru less often. Chipotle Mexican Grill is seeing similar trends.

The Bottom Line: The burger chain, which thrived during the Great Recession with a Dollar Menu, hopes to get through the next recession with more local and targeted offers.

Nearly one-third of sales in the fast-food burger chain’s biggest markets came from digital, while profits were hurt by Russia closures and rising costs for food and labor.

The burrito chain said staffing has reached pre-pandemic levels, but newer workers are less versed in operating with heavy in-restaurant business. The company is kicking off an operations effort to fix it.

Customers haven’t reacted to higher prices yet, but more hikes are coming at the casual-dining chain.

The pizza chain’s sales continue to lag, largely because it can’t find enough drivers. But it says “all options will remain on the table” until it can solve the problem.

The pizza delivery chain’s same-store sales outside the U.S. fell for the first time since 1993. U.S. same-store sales declined and the company increased its expectations for food cost inflation.

The chain of revolving sushi restaurants saw stock soar more than 30% on Friday after it said sales and profits were better than expected.

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