The culinary underbelly

Make sure you are sending the right message about your restaurant. Sanitation can be helped with a monthly audit. Here are a few quick ideas about where to start and what to do.

If it ain't broke, get ready to fix it

When it comes to equipment maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It's the perfect time of year to throw open the windows and clean out the joint. And we aren't just talking about dust bunnies! Why not schedule a house-cleaning party and garage sale?

It's amazing how the internet has changed! Room-sized pieces of equipment that only sent code from one lab to another have "grown" into laptop computers that send business presentations, photographs, games, music, greeting cards, and so much more.

A line cooks comes to work looking very pale. He says he has a minor case of the flu, but upon hearing his symptoms you send him to see a doctor. You are notified the next day that he has Hepatitis A. What do you do?

Spending your valuable time in the kitchen because you're always short one line cook? Frustrated that you spend more time interviewing and training employees than running your restaurant? Scratching your head because your servers keep leaving to work for the competition?

Line cooks and waitstaff can sometimes butt heads. How can they be taught to cooperate more effectively? How can communication between the two sides be improved? Try this simple tip.

Childrens' opinions are a powerful part of the dining decision, not only for fast-food restaurants, but also for casual-dining chains that appeal particularly to families.

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