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Legacy Foodservice Alliance Welcomes Arko Veal

(July 1, 2011)—Arko Veal, Inc., Forest Park, GA, has become a member of Legacy Foodservice Alliance effective July 1, 2011. Since 1998, Arko Veal, Inc. has...


Pintrest explained

Food is a very visual experience, from admiring a frothy pink cocktail to ogling a perfectly rolled piece of sushi. That’s why restaurants are dipping their toes into the Pinterest waters. Hot social media properties have come and gone, but few have made any headway against the 800-pound gorillas of Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile payments have been high on the list of "next big things" in technology for quite awhile, but it’s only recently the market has started to heat up. Mobile payments promise convenience and speed for consumers, while lowering costs and generating more customer data for businesses.

You’ve already gotten a taste of our list of 50 great social media tips and tactics. Now it’s time for the main course.

Not long ago, most restaurants could get by with a simple pop-up toaster. But along came bagels, croissants and Texas toast. And then toasted sandwiches grew wildly popular. So how do you find the best toaster to suit your needs today?

Consumer preferences are changing when it comes to in-restaurant tech and online services.

One of my favorite TV programs from the 50's was Amos and Andy, and the Kingfish was my favorite character.

There is an old saying that says if a lawyer represents himself, he has a fool for a client. Likewise, a selling owner who uses himself as his financial...

Cheese is a product made from the pressed curd of milk. Like wine, it is thought of as a living food because of the “friendly” living bacteria that constantly change its flavor and aroma.

A recent Restaurant Business survey of 140 casual, quick-service and fine-dining operators revealed that 72 percent use the Web for business purposes, ranging from taking online reservations and food orders to soliciting comments from their customers.

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