Tools of the trade-the whisk

A skillful combination of well-balanced ingredients is responsible for the unique mouthfeel and texture of a cake. The properties of some of the ingredients, however—liquids, fat and air—inhibit their cohesion under normal circumstances.

Health-care reform: The view from K Street

In some regards, the Supreme Court decision of June 28 changed nothing about the politics of Obamacare, say foodservice lobbyists.

Up, up, and away. Beef prices. Cheese prices. Seafood, gas, insurance. Labor costs, as states from New York to Oregon—and many in between—prepare to hike minimum wage.

Expressing his pleasure with the statistics, Bob Sledd, chairman and ceo, remarked: "We are aggressively implementing our strategy to grow higher margin...

Sam Club, for one, is rolling out the red carpet and inviting them in with open arms. A two-age spread in ID’s sister publication, Restaurant Business,...

A s a bread baker, I am always looking for new and seasonal ways to make the perfect loaf. But before we discuss what to add to our bread, let’s talk about the four fundamental building blocks of bread making. Flour, water, yeast and salt are all that are needed to make a spectacular loaf.

Crap happens. Take a page from some savvy fellow operators and meet the challenges with our Survival Guide.

Behind the scenes, suppliers scrambled, recipes were tweaked, servers got a crash course on alternative greens.

QUID PRO QUO. Some consultants are paid by vendors, secretly, for "services" that amount to calling the vendor call and asking the time of day. In exchange,...

Those strange wind patterns across the nation in early July? It was the collective sigh of relief from the industry as the employer mandate portion of health care reform was delayed a year.

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