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Hurricane Sandy disrupts northeastern distribution

(October 31, 2012)—Wholesale produce distribution in the Northeast remains in limbo in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.Distributors aren’t certain how...

Hot wheels

The anti-smoking crusade has come a long way, baby. Despite howls of protest from restaurant and nightclub owners, the smoking ban has gained considerable momentum since California unveiled its historic smoke-out in 1998.

Steve Spinner, president and ceo, attributed the increase to higher margin street sales as well as an expansion of the sales force."Sales results in the...

While many distributors say they want to help independent operators survive, Favorite Foods goes beyond lip service. This small local broadliner has turned...

operators need to learn their obligations and options now to contend with one of the greatest challenges ever faced by the industry.

"The plaintiff need only prove that the product was defective in order to recover, and usually that is all that the plaintiff will choose to prove."Not...

Acute injuries (resulting from a specific accident or event) in this industry have been on the decline, according to the National Restaurant Association. That’s good news, but what’s tougher to measure are the injuries that creep up gradually and tend to get ignored.

To build a terrific wine list takes time, energy, money, talent and attitude, so most good lists are in a constant state of becoming. If a restaurant rests on its laurels (or in this case its vines), it risks losing customers, as they may perceive the wine list as stale. Here are some things to consider.

In the still of the night—er, Thanksgiving weekend—the Obama Administration announced it will delay the rollout of online marketplaces (called SHOP exchanges) where, under the Affordable Care Act, small business owners can shop for policies to cover employees.

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