Distributors to Benefit from PMA Study

"The taskforce will help identify best practices that companies can address."Prodded by its membership that has expressed anxiety that some transportation...

Rising Gasoline Costs Raise Consumer Stress Levels

A recent overnight survey conducted by the foodservice industry researcher shows that the impact of rising gasoline prices seems to be taking its toll on...

"The plaintiff need only prove that the product was defective in order to recover, and usually that is all that the plaintiff will choose to prove."Not...

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon insiders have agreed to return $4.7 million to the company to settle a 2001 lawsuit filed by the California Public Employees Retirement System, a major shareholder.

The anti-smoking crusade has come a long way, baby. Despite howls of protest from restaurant and nightclub owners, the smoking ban has gained considerable momentum since California unveiled its historic smoke-out in 1998.

Crap happens. Take a page from some savvy fellow operators and meet the challenges with our Survival Guide.

Year after year, Tim Edwards, a partner at two-unit Florida casual concept Fudpucker's (not to be confused with burger chain Fuddruckers), watched as his insurance costs took huge bites out of the company's profits.

Up, up, and away. Beef prices. Cheese prices. Seafood, gas, insurance. Labor costs, as states from New York to Oregon—and many in between—prepare to hike minimum wage.

Whether they're seeking to build box stores, banks, homes, or restaurants, everyone's throwing elbows in a rush to stick their flag into what seem to be the last remaining bits of real estate on the planet.

For the first time in months, Mom and Dad are intent on taking the kids out for a family dinner.

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