Mayor Murray and Gov. Inslee launch ‘Restaurant Success’ initiative

A new initiative is intended to streamline the permitting and development process as a way of creating more restaurant jobs.

Industry prepares for new EU labelling rules

In what some hope is a preview of new responsibilities for restaurants on this side of the Atlantic, eating places in the European Union are adapting to requirements that 14 allergens be flagged on menus.

An amendment has been filed to expand the city's smoking ban to include e-cigarettes in restaurants. Also prohibited: vaping in outdoor-seating areas next to restaurants and bars.

Colorado voters would have the choice to increase the state’s minimum wage from $8.23 an hour to $12.50 with legislation introduced Thursday by a Democratic lawmaker.The proposal needs support f...

So-called "secure scheduling" is becoming a standard in Northern California.

Plaintiffs have filed a $4 million suit against a Florida Denny's franchisee for allegedly refusing to serve a group of Arab-American customers.

A former employee is suing the company, which also operates Spiaggia and Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe in Chicago, claiming it improperly counts a tip credit toward employee wages.

Sen. Mitch McConnell told franchisors gathered in Washington, D.C. to lobby against the NLRB’s controversial recent ruling that he supports a new proposal to rein in the agency and protect franchise-reliant industries.

Voters in nine counties and four cities approved nonbinding recommendations that the minimum hourly pay rate be raised, but the governor and Republican-controlled legislature have indicated that they’ll keep the wage at $7.25.

Restaurants of every size would be required to provide paid sick leave under a bill that's under consideration in the state legislature.

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