Senate Democrats offer plan to stop Iowa wage theft

The measure would look at who deserves overtime and other wage-payment situations that have landed restaurants in lawsuits.

Senate fails to override NLRB’s ‘quickie election’ rule

No vote will be taken, now or in the future. Meanwhile, 141 labor groups have reportedly filed for an expedited union vote.

Although economists are still assessing the implications of the proposal, certain provisions are clear wins for restaurants.

It’s rare to hear of dog owners rising up in protest when an business posts a “No dogs” sign on the door. But when the sign says “No guns,” restaurateurs are finding themselves under fire.

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law lifting a ban on pets on eatery patios. Individual businesses still have the final say about whether to let dogs join human diners or not.

Four more cities in the Garden State have approved paid sick leave measures that take effect Jan. 1. The controversial benefit is moving across the state city-by-city, even as lawmakers in Trenton eye measures to mandate paid sick leave from border to border.

Over the past year and a half, restaurateurs have been preparing for the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate. That day is approaching very soon. Here's a recap of Obamacare news and updates.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a two-tiered hike to $10.50 for the state and $11.50 for New York City by the end of 2016.

A coalition that includes the state restaurant association is challenging Louisville’ increase in the minimum wage, arguing that the municipality is encroaching on the state’s authority.

The changes would provide slightly more leeway for compliance and protection against civil suits.

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