Seattle warms to soft drink tax

Mayor Ed Murray is touting the dual benefits of combating obesity and raising funds for education.

DOL offers help on Obamacare's next obligation

Help for meeting restaurants’ next major obligation under Obamacare was provided this week by the U.S. Department of Labor in the form of templates for educating employees.

The competition between foodservice channels is escalating quickly, but that didn’t stop restaurateurs from meeting Monday with the enemy.

Restaurants and other businesses in the state had lobbied hard but unsuccessfully against the bill, which aimed to give franchisees more power in disputes with franchisors. The governor questioned whether the law met that intention.

Public relations resources are being lined up for a multi-faceted push against the agency’s preliminary decision that franchisors can be viewed as “joint employers” of franchisees’ staffs. (subscription required)

State lawmakers won’t move forward with increasing liquor license fees by 50 percent.

Two years after San Francisco became the first of a growing list of jurisdictions to limit restaurant scheduling, the industry is contending with some unexpected side effects.

Are you using cartoon characters to market not-so-healthy meals to kids? The First Lady would like you to stop.

Restaurants, caterers and outdoor food stall operators all must now identify housemade meals with a special logo. The goal is to preserve the nation's culinary reputation, but critics argue the new rules are confusing.

The increases of 7 and 15 cents, respectively, take effect Jan. 1 because of the state wage law’s automatic indexing feature.

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