Restaurant workers draw new allies in push for $15 wage

Protesting today along with restaurant employees are clergymen, Walmart workers and politicians.

Ore. considers scheduling limitations

The state is the latest jurisdiction to take up so-called secure-scheduling rules.

There were a lot of clues at the National Restaurant Association Show: The crowds waiting to get into the healthcare reform education sessions. The full schedule the advisors at the NRA healthcare reform knowledge center faced every day. And the looks of frustration and bewilderment on operators’ faces—after they learned more.

An official-looking letter arrives in the mail claiming that some innocuous product or service you use in your restaurant is covered by a patent, and you’re infringing on it.

Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed an income tax exemption for minimum-wage earners, in effect boosting their take-home without burdening employers.

New settlements granting complaintants back pay, health insurance and paid sick leave, are being announced this week in Los Angeles and San Francisco, in a growing number of aggressive actions by community groups and regulators against the issue of wage theft among restaurant workers.

The beginning of the year brings an outpouring of predictions from industry watchers (including us; we did a whole series, including this one). Here are three that made few if any of those lists, yet are already looking like possible trends for 2015.

Quick-service restaurants would have to follow clean the areas at least once a day and follow set practices for potentially disease-spreading mishaps.

The state Senate has passed a bill that would prevent local jurisdictions from setting their own leave-time mandates.

A report says the FDA has decided to push back the enforcement date beyond May 5.

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