New round of debate set on N.J.'s liquor license

With the price of a license running as high as $2 million, proponents of economic development say the Garden State needs to ease the entry of full-service restaurants.

ROC's rock-headed push for higher wages

A labor group that claims to fight exploitation isn't above using some questionable leverage itself.

Las Cruces’ mayor is suggesting that some businesses be spared the increase that takes effect Jan. 1, just as not all employers are affected the same by the Affordable Care Act.

The restaurant industry should say yes to a minimum-wage hike, and focus its energies on determining the size of the increase and the schedule for implementing it.

Is scheduling certainty the next battle in the labor fight?

A bill signed into law by Gov. John Kasich would allow some cities to create ‘entertainment districts’ where customers can walk around outside with drinks in hand.

A federal judge in Texas has struck down an Obama administration rule that would have raised the salary threshold at which restaurants would have to pay overtime.

At a tech conference, you expect acronyms to drop like F-bombs at a Sopranos barbecue. POS, PCI, CMS—the presentations were an effing alphabet soup. But one all-caps tag was usually implied rather than said outright, even though it figured into considerable conversation at FSTEC.

A review of initiatives on the November ballot also shows that proponents of a $15-an-hour wage have succeeded in putting the increase to a popular vote.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has directed the state liquor authority to raise prices as a way of closing a $2.4 billion budget deficit. Restaurateurs and consumers point out that prices are already jacked up by the third highest liquor tax rate in the nation.

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