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Ore. sets highest state wage in the nation

Restaurants and other employers will face the challenge of meeting different minimums in different areas.

Paid sick leave bills spread like the flu

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would make good on a campaign promise to expand the city’s paid sick leave law as soon as April 1.

Instead of setting a policy of no guns in stores, the bakery chain’s CEO requests that customers leave their firearms at home, citing the distraction from “Panera warmth.”

Mayor Ed Lee raised the wage by just under 3 percent to meet the law’s cost-of-living-adjustment stipulation.

Investors are analyzing how the required disclosure of calories might affect the sales of some publicly owned restaurant companies. Here are five operators that are under scrutiny.

The measure from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Labor Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander aims to “restore balance and bipartisanship,” McConnell says.

San Jose has become the first city to call for a statewide rise in the hourly pay floor. Municipalities want the state to do the heavy lifting, leaving them to seek smaller raises on a local basis.

Establishments are mounting a campaign to protect their tourism business.

The National Restaurant Association is once again holding free one-on-one consultations during the NRA Show this month in Chicago.

We apologize in advance if this issue raises your dry-cleaning bill. The risk of spitting out coffee is definitely at Wet-Nap Four, and not because of surprises plumbed from the gee-wiz file.

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