Governor-elect’s proposal for sick days upsets some businesses

Tom Wolf said he’ll pattern the law after Connecticut’s, where business opposition was tempered by exemptions for smaller operations.

Obama calls for paid sick leave for workers

The President is asking Congress to pass a bill allowing Americans to earn up to seven days a year of paid sick time. The call comes at the same time Obama plans to sign a memorandum ordering that federal workers have access to paid family leave when they bring a new child home.

Proposals for a $15 minimum have been countered by suggestions of a lower wage indexed to inflation, with tax breaks to soften the impact.

Places with more alcohol than food sales would be required to buy coverage by Sept. 1.

The former Papa John’s CFO replaces the retiring Jerry Rebel.

It had been just a bad memory: Smokers raising hell in restaurants that dared to curb their vice, and the health-minded leaning hard on operators to snuff out second-hand smoke.

The future of minimum wage could depend on what voters believe—not necessarily what is.

A proposal in Berkeley, Calif., to levy a penny-an-ounce tax on sugared sodas is seen as a test of the public’s willingness to fight obesity with price manipulations. Now former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has reportedly thrown his weight and considerable financial resources behind passing the ballot measure.

In a move aimed to strengthen workers' rights, San Francisco supervisors on Tuesday approved new laws requiring predictive schedules for chain store retailers and for public contractors to begin reporting compensation to stamp out wage discrimination.

President Obama’s annual address to the nation included a number of points of particular interest to the restaurant business. Here are a few.

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