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McConnell pushes NLRB reform

Sen. Mitch McConnell told franchisors gathered in Washington, D.C. to lobby against the NLRB’s controversial recent ruling that he supports a new proposal to rein in the agency and protect franchise-reliant industries.

Should unions be allowed to use work email for organizing? Key NLRB ruling will decide

The regulatory agency will turn its attention to the conditions under which employees can use their employers’ systems to organize.

I have requests for the restaurant industry, which just slogged through one of its chilliest years. We’re not talking weather here.

The multi-phased climb to $15 an hour will start in two months, prompting employers to search for offsets.

In the minimum wage debate, restaurateurs are losing the war of words. It’s time to flip the script.

The legislation requires all district restaurants to provide family and medical time off to workers.

Frustration with the federal government bubbled over during a session of the Restaurant Leadership Conference, with attendees angrily complaining to the chairman of the National Restaurant Association about the political process and the group’s role in it.

Legislation creates new yet-to-be-determined zones for food trucks; originally it said the trucks would have to stay at least 300 feet from traditional restaurants.

Arkansas’ plan to put a wage-hike proposal on the November ballot is being challenged by a lawsuit filed in the State Supreme Court.

A lobbying and publicity blitz began yesterday to muster support from voters as well as legislators.

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