Menu Feed

“Menu Feed” is a podcast brought to you by Restaurant Business and FoodService Director. Each episode will focus on the business-building trends that are shaping today’s menus in restaurants and other dining destinations, hosted by Senior Editor Patricia Cobe. Operators, chefs and industry experts will share their insights on the flavors, ingredients, cuisines and consumer demands that are driving menu innovation and development. Listeners will also get dibs on the latest research and analysis from data partner Technomic.


How First Watch’s Shane Schaibly is evolving and energizing the menu for 2021

Schiably joined the brunch chain to push the culinary envelope, and he's continued to do so during this challenging year.


How Gibsons corporate chef Dan Huebschmann is crafting menus for success amid COVID-19

In recent months, Huebschmann has had to adapt the menus to outdoor dining, curbside takeout and more.

Chef-partner Brendan Collins shares how he created a British gastropub menu infused with California spirit.

Chef Aaron Staudenmaier shares how he aims to create “revved up” American dishes that set the chain’s menu apart and position it for growth.

Matthew Osolin translates his culinary passion into crowd-pleasing dinners without overtaxing the kitchen.

Constant innovation is helping Morrison and its teams of chefs adapt successfully during the pandemic and beyond.

A pandemic isn’t stopping this skilled chef and entrepreneur from moving forward with new projects.

A deep local connection has been key through the years and particularly in recent months.

Seattle restaurant Addo has found fresh ways to up its takeout game as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

When COVID-19 forced the foodservice team to make some changes, they quickly crafted experiences that could rival dining in.

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