Raising the bar on takeout

Technomic showed 34 percent of respondents expected that takeout food wouldn’t be as hot or as fresh as the dine-in version.

Let's make a deal

Yes, you have to spend it to make it. But why spend more money than you have to? The deals are out there, for everything from wine to cleaning services. You just have to know where to find them, or at least how to ask for them. We sent reporters out looking for all the best ways for restaurant operators to save money. They found some great tips, so take a look and save a few bucks.

How chains are managing to make local sourcing work. The biggest word in purchasing today is local, and even more than organic and sustainable it’s reshaping buying decisions and practices.

Tame your busy workday with the latest gear and gadgets on the personal tech front

Supplies of beef and pork are just starting to rebound, as ranchers and hog farmers slowly ramp up production in step with moderately increased demand. But expect prices to remain elevated through the end of the year; about 10 to 20 percent higher than they were in 2009, says Bill Lapp, commodity expert and president of Advanced Economic Solutions in Omaha, Nebraska.

Despite the specialty coffee craze at limited-service restaurants, regular hot coffee still accounts for the highest level of reported consumption among...

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Consumers are showing more interest in doing what’s right for the environment—as long as it doesn’t cost them more.

If a restaurant staff knew how much a broken dish or glass cost to replace, they might be more careful when handling it—especially if they benefited from the savings in breakage.

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