'Mass exodus': McDonald's franchisees are leaving the system

A record 1,700 stores changed hands last year. High valuations and a difficult operating environment are leading many franchisees to sell their restaurants. But some say culture problems, low morale and constant disputes are playing a major role.


Wendy’s is targeting cities both big and small for new locations

The burger chain says it can go into small towns and urban areas thanks to a new franchise recruitment effort and ghost kitchens.

José Cil, CEO of Burger King owner Restaurant Brands International, said staffing challenges are a long-term problem that requires long-term solutions.

The chain of brewery restaurants is recasting its menu and operations with both the guest and employee in mind.

Providing customers with a high-quality product is easier to accomplish in house. But when delivery enters the equation, several steps can help ensure the same level of quality.

The chain said a recent shipment of burger buns did not meet its standards.