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If you think the operating environment is bad here, try China

Several restaurant chains, notably Starbucks, are navigating weak spending and increasing competition in the fast-growing market. But they remain bullish on its future.


Earnings roundup: One Group, Topgolf, Potbelly, Chuy's, PFG, Bombshells, Olo, Toast

A look beyond the most recent results for big restaurant brands shows customers cutting back nearly across the board.

When lower-income diners are feeling budget strain, the fast-casual Portillo's feels it most in the drive-thru. To address that, the restaurant chain is working to get orders through car windows faster.

Management at the daytime dining chain said it will focus instead on bringing back strong customer lures from the past.

Traffic slumped, but the family-dining stalwart offered a few aha moments in its recount of what happened.

Technomic Top 500: Chain restaurants continued to record strong growth last year, but mostly without higher traffic. And there were wide variations in performance throughout the ranking.

Average unit volume for the cookie chain declined 37% last year even as location count grew 41%. Per-store profits were cut by 58%.

Julie Masino wants to accelerate the family dining chain's rejuvenation efforts and menu evolution.

This earnings season brought the addition of newly public food-and-games concept Pinstripes. Here in brief are how it and several other public companies fared during the latter part of 2023.

A Keke's unit was opened for the first time outside of Florida, to encouraging results, the company said. It sports a new look and menu, as well as alcoholic beverages.

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