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Distributor envy

Is your broadliner going the extra mile for you—like these guys do?


Buying organic & sustainable

While the USDA has established identity standards for organic labeling, there are no clear guidelines for sustainable products.

Timing may not be everything, but when it comes to getting the best price on a wide variety of purchases, it can make a big difference.

The locavore movement has shortened the distance from farm to fork. Some chefs have gone further, tending farms of their own. “A lot of heirloom vegetables never make it to restaurants; here’s a chance to grow them,” says Jose Garces, chef-owner of J.G. Domestic and other Philadelphia restaurants. He and others have taken hoe in hand to cultivate plots.

Come April 17, consumers across the country can release a tax-free sigh of relief over a celebratory discounted meal. A number of large chains and smaller indy restaurants are offering special breaks on what some customers consider the nation’s most dreaded day: Tax Day.

In November, the risotto featured mushrooms, wild scallions and artichokes, but now it’s transitioning into a cozy vehicle for roasted root vegetables.

Restaurants are going into high gear for one the biggest dining-out days of the year: Mother's Day. Here's a sampling of some of the special menus being offered this year on Sunday, May 12. It seems like a holiday where splurging is the way to go.

The ability to take an idea from one area and generalize it to another is a sign of intelligence. So let's see how smart you can be about holiday marketing.

Asian, Latin and Mediterranean have been the big three global influencers on American menus, but now chefs and operators are digging deeper.

The dining public is saving lots of room for dessert. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2006 Tableservice Restaurant Trends report, 30 percent of fine-dining operators, 27 percent of casual dining places and 32 percent of family restaurants say their customers are ordering more dessert now than they did two years ago. And data from NPD/CREST reveals that 12 percent of consumers order dessert at restaurants. So what should you be purchasing to satisfy these sweet cravings?

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