Sleeper stories of the week

Some of the industry’s most interesting developments weren’t the big headline-grabbers. But any savvy restaurateur wouldn’t want to miss these developments.


Falling for cocktails

As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, consumers are being warmed up by the heat of this season’s cocktail menus.

Patrons at Mexican restaurants in the U.S. usually don’t expect the seasons to drive the menu. But at Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City, N.J., sourcing local, seasonal produce is a priority of consulting chef James Muir—and his menu reflects it.

Overlooked in the information torrent of the last week were tidbits relating to everything from the trend in birthday business to why some restaurant hourlies might prefer to say “Welcome to Wal-Mart!”

A lot of places don’t bother with hot drinks because they can be difficult to execute, but it’s something we embrace,” says Bob McCoy, beverage programs liaison at Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks in Boston. “Not only do we offer five or six hot specialty drinks seasonally, but we are ready to prepare anything a guest might call for.”

To make sure your promotions don’t go down and out, consider these tips.

October is one of Annie Somerville's favorite months to cook.

Globally inspired ingredients are showing up across the menu, from appetizers to cocktails to side dishes. Updating sides with new flavors and textures is a simple but profitable way to capitalize on this growing trend.

July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday (July 22nd this year) is National Ice Cream Day, both officially designated by President Reagan back in 1984. From single scoop cones to drinkable desserts, operators are offering Americans many tempting ways to indulge this summer.

ROSEMONT, IL (June 24, 2013)—US Foods unveiled its new product line featuring seasonal favorites and fresh takes on a summer staple – the...

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