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Which restaurant brand really invented the drive-thru? Here are some clues.

Restaurant Rewind: It's a mystery with no fewer than five claimants to the title of innovator.


Think to-go-only restaurants are a new thing? You're off by 70 years

Restaurant Rewind: The notion of forgoing dining areas to rely on delivery and takeout has been around since at least the Eisenhower administration. Here are two cases in point.

The family-dining chain is also building its catering business through more aggressive sales efforts, with plans to hit the $100 million mark by July.

The bill passed Thursday is expected to save restaurants thousands of dollars. Mayor Adams has not revealed whether he'll sign it.

Technomic's Take: Consumers are far more likely to cite a lack of time in explaining why they dine out than any other reason. Here's what this means for your restaurant.

A growth-at-all-costs mentality led to problems at the ghost kitchen company. Now it’s slowing down to reassess.

The retailer said 200 of its stores will add the service before the start of the holidays. It proved "very, very popular" in a Q2 test, an executive commented.

Technomic's Take: Takeout and delivery sales have slowed as in-restaurant sales have returned. Operators should adjust accordingly.

The updated focus allows guests to build their own meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner any time of day.

Reusable container programs bring upsides and obstacles as sustainability efforts are renewed post-pandemic.

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