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Consumer Trends

Casual dining roars back, but will the upswing continue?

The segment's strong April is attributed to both short-term and long-term factors, with plenty of uncertainty sprinkled in.


Why restaurants need more insights on the order handoff process

By not knowing the ins and outs, operators could be in the dark when it comes to customer service.

The pandemic accelerated the buffet chain’s evolution into other service formats. Here are some of the avenues it’s pursuing.

The chicken wing concept now lets customers place pickup orders through Google and Google Maps.

Restaurant chains in other parts of the world are taking their food on the road.

“Beef's on Demand” launches to feed the growing desire for takeout and delivery.

The beer subscription will be expanded to all of California, while management gauges the feasibility of a secondary brand called Slow Roast.

After a year when in-car eating soared across all restaurant segments, automakers are taking mobile settings to new heights. Literally.

The new line includes six items in popular, portable formats that fit the to-go trend.

It's also held onto 90% of to-go sales at locations that have re-opened dining rooms.

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