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9 new items trending on global menus

From Argentina to Russia, these are the foods and drinks showing up internationally in chain restaurants.


When will the industry recover its lost sales? That depends

At Restaurant Leadership Conference, Technomic notes some sectors are fully recovered. Others could take some time.

2022 is shaping up to be a bounce-back year, according to Technomic’s Global Trends Forecast, with both familiar and emerging trends impacting foodservice.

These 10 restaurant brands serve consumers’ favorite dips, drizzles, spreads and condiments.

This generation often prefers to socialize at home, and legalization of marijuana provides an option other than alcohol for those of legal drinking age.

With current supply chain and labor shortages, along with other post-pandemic challenges, it may be time for operators to rethink the way they develop and promote limited-time offers.

The industry recovery will continue, but the limitations will have a big influence on the menu in the coming year.

The firm’s “Tindex” index suggests restaurants slowed 1.9% in the month, the likely result of the delta variant.

Technomic travels the world to discover what’s trending on menus in other countries. These recent items are worth watching.

These 10 chains serve the most craveable tacos, according to Technomic consumer data.

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