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Want a higher average check? Get diners to stay longer

Technomic's Take: Diners, even if they're alone, tend to spend more the longer they stay at a restaurant.


Stay true to your brand when adding plant-based menu items, say operators

Three chain restaurant leaders share the secrets to their success with plant-based menu initiatives.

Hear what operators and experts had to say about ghost kitchens and ChatGPT, takeout trends, the risks of cyber attacks, how to drive traffic and cultivating young leaders.

Led by Starbucks, the largest chains pushed aggressive development as they recovered locations closed during the pandemic. But sales barely kept pace with inflation.

Technomic's Take: In assessing off-premises dining, there are some surprising results, including an increase in consumers eating meals from fine-dining restaurants in their cars.

A snapshot of Technomic’s Global Menu Innovation report reveals 10 food and drink trends impacting chain menus internationally.

Technomic’s survey ranks the concepts that serve coffee drinkers’ favorite brews. Surprise—not all specialize in coffee.

Technomic takes a trip around the world to forecast what operators can expect to see happening next year.

With fresh proteins and produce sometimes tough to get and kitchen help even tougher, value-added frozen products can help ease the crunch.

Technomic’s 2023 predictions include an increase in bold, pink-hued ingredients on menus, some with health-promoting properties.

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