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Communication leads to better results

Communication improves performance.  Happier guests come back.  Higher check averages and higher tips can be achieved with a little bit of pre-shift practice.  Try out this suggestion.

Have you noticed a serious decline in the number of high quality foodservice job applicants? Where did they go?

  • Part of the answer is that we're drawing from a significantly smaller labor pool. Gone are the long lines of baby boomer applicants.
  • Part of the answer is that there's more of a demand to dine out. Endless new franchises, express outlets, and national chains are responding to the demand, and competing for employees.
  • Part of the answer is that other industries are offering more appealing jobs. Healthcare and retail, for example, offer better hours, better conditions, better wages, and better benefits.

And yet, you have employees. Most are probably good. Since you can't do much about population shifts and increased competition, I think it's more productive to focus on how you can keep your existing employees.

How will you do that?

The best place to start is with the basics, like communication. We've heard time and again that the #1 frustration of foodservice (actually, that's ex- foodservice) employees is a lack of communication. So start communicating!

Knowledge is power, and a Pre-Shift Briefing is the perfect way to communicate with your team and give them the knowledge they need to be successful. And successful teams get results. Successful teams stay together. Successful teams have good morale. Tips will be higher, sales will increase, and everyone will be happier, including your customers.

Most operators have a quickie meeting before each shift to go over the specials and/or 86'ed items. Not exactly an inspirational "let's win one for the Gipper" pre-game huddle. An effective Pre-Shift Briefing takes it further, incorporating two-way communication, role plays, suggestive selling scripts, and accountability.

If you're ready to start having your own Pre-Shift Briefings, here's a ready-to-use form.

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