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Restaurants and bars continue to out-hire every other business

New federal data show the sector added 33,000 jobs in May, or roughly 1 of every 10 positions created.


Calif. Assembly OKs bill making fast-food franchisors liable for franchisees' labor practices

The landmark legislation codifies a re-definition of franchisors and franchisees as "joint employers." It now heads to the Senate.

The industry is helping its own through a reinvigorated aid resource called CORE. Here’s how it rescued the victims of a historic tornado.

Working Lunch: The violation of child-labor laws by a few bad actors are tarnishing the whole business' image as a place to work. And the volume is about to go way up.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is also apprising baristas on how to stop being charged union dues without risking their jobs.

While employment in the industry is down overall, that decline is not spread evenly as operators shift toward production and away from service. But everybody is making more money.

A number of suppliers at this year's National Restaurant Association Show said they're using the chatbot to help restaurants screen applicants and keep them engaged once they’re hired.

Surcharges have become routine after residents voted to kill the tip credit. Now, operators and customers are coming across the unexpected side effects.

One Fair Wage and a Union says the association has undercut the safety of teen workers by lobbying for a loosening of child-labor laws. The charge was levied on the eve of the annual National Restaurant Show.

The measure is co-sponsored by 40 other senators and 80 representatives in total—still not enough to pass. But it has the support of a number of influential lawmakers.

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