DOL sets strict definition of 'joint employer'

Its new rule spells out when a restaurant franchisor is liable for the compensation and scheduling practices of its franchisees, eliminating much of the uncertainty that fostered legal actions.


Taco Bell will soon pay managers 6 figures

The company plans to test a $100,000 salary for general managers in select markets as the labor crunch worsens.

It is a critical time of the year for restaurants, so it is important to avoid scheduling challenges that can impact operational costs and diminish success.

The casual steak chain outperformed all of its sister operations, largely because of how it handled personnel, its parent company said. Olive Garden's comps rose 1.5%.

The decision from the NLRB reverses its policy that employees had the right to use their employers’ email to communicate with co-workers about nonwork matters, including unionization.

Their attorneys general say DOL’s proposed new guideline would be illegal and an intended solution to problems that aren’t evident.

The decision settles a five-year dispute that held profound implications for any restaurant franchisor.

Large operations would need to warn employees at least 60 days beforehand.

The action alleged that a cook was subjected to racial slurs from co-workers.

The company agreed to change certain practices related to overtime pay and meal breaks to settle a 6-year-old California complaint.

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