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Ready for the restaurant industry's next crisis?

This one could be worse than the pandemic, warns RB's Reality Check.


Restaurants that emphasize culture are winning the labor war

How MOD Pizza, Jersey Mike’s and others developed a proposition based on people.

Paid time off, retirement, tuition and childcare are all more common now than they were before the pandemic as companies look to remain competitive.

Layoffs and uncertainty in the restaurant industry drove managers, chefs, bartenders and servers to pursue other lines of work. For some, it’s been a rewarding move.

Restaurant concepts that operated 24 hours a day are having to temper that distinction because they can’t hire enough late-night staff.

Understaffed restaurants had to limit their menus and hours, putting a lid on sales.

The chain is offering employees more than $5,000 in annual reimbursements as it ramps up hiring efforts.

More industry executives believe restaurants may never get all their workers back and should focus on improving overall productivity.

New research has produced a slew of information on the labor plight of the nation and its restaurant industry. Here are four gems that shouldn't slip past you, says RB's Reality Check.

Restaurants that close in the afternoon are having more success hiring than their full-service peers.

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