Ted Cruz turns Donald Trump's no-tax-on-tips campaign pledge into actual legislation

The bill has the support of usual employer advocates like the National Restaurant Association.


Laid-off Rubio's worker files WARN complaint

A worker who was terminated when 48 restaurants were shuttered is seeking class-action status, saying the fast-casual chain did not give required notice.

A lawsuit alleges that the seafood chain did not give staff enough notice before closing nearly 100 restaurants last month.

Government Watch: Waffle House employees win a raise in the wake of union activity, and New York restaurants welcome a limit on reservation scalping.

The 2024 awards ceremony celebrated the diversity of the restaurant industry, from Appalachian-inspired cuisine in West Virginia, to Senegalese food in New Orleans and a Japanese baker in Portland, Maine.

Working Lunch: "We may be on the verge of having an organizing effort in the fine-dining segment."

Systemwide, Portillo's restaurants will open 30 minutes earlier, and some restaurants are staying open as late as 1 a.m. local time.

A law enacted this week bans hidden fees but allows restaurants to continue levying surcharges if customers get a heads-up and the money goes to employees.

Working Lunch: Unions say they want the practice stopped. But their real aim is to alienate the Black community.

The Ohio Restaurant & Hospitality Alliance airs research showing tipped employees are as opposed as their employers are.

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