Chipotle raises menu prices in California up to 7%

California's AB1228 pushed the fast-casual chain's wage up 20% and menu price hikes will cover the cost. But with first-quarter traffic up more than 5%, Chipotle officials are not worried.


Overtime pay to be extended to salaried employees earning less than $43,888

The pool of managers entitled to time-and-a-half pay will jump again on Jan. 1, then increase every three years.

Qdoba agreed to pay $3.8 million to settle a pay transparency lawsuit. Chipotle agreed to pay more than $3 million in a case related to alleged scheduling and paid leave violations in Seattle.

Simultaneously, the coffee chain's U.S. Supreme Court case commences Tuesday. It challenges certain of the NLRB's regulatory policies.

Following a Senate vote to scuttle the new franchising standard, opponents are hoping to avert a presidential veto.

Restaurant interest in the technology is growing as labor costs rise. Bite said the fundraise will help it meet the demand.

ExpandShare is designed to simplify and digitize restaurant employee training with readymade modules and a mobile app.

In another example of state-level efforts to limit workplace obligations, the state is looking to prohibit local jurisdictions from requiring heat protections and predictive scheduling.

The addition matches the job creation figure for February, but marks a turnaround from the decreased employment registered in January, according to government data.

The daytime dining chain has added backup child and elderly care as an employee benefit. Workers pay as little as $10 a day for the service.

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