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California QSR wages could start at $22 under controversial bill

The first-year cap on hourly pay is one of the concessions that were made in the first-of-its-kind Fast Act to make the bill more palatable in the state Senate. Advocates also dropped the joint-employer provision.


Il Fornaio is hit with sexual-harassment accusations from the EEOC

The lawsuit contends that women were frequently subjected to sexual remarks and unwanted touching.

The Lansing-area unit will be represented by a local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

A new study shows that the typical gratuity is now closer to 20%, the result of diners being more generous during the pandemic.

The startup that allows drive-thru employees to work from home said it has deals with five of the biggest fast-food chains.

Take our quiz to find out. You may be surprised by how the brands stack up.

The war of words is expected to continue as the deadline for a Fast Act vote approaches.

Working Lunch: Here's what's driving the demand that employers post their payrolls

The National Labor Relations Board was accused of violating its own fairness standards.

Wide-ranging new research from the National Restaurant Association highlights gaps between companies’ diversity efforts and employees’ perception of them. That includes companies’ own reporting of the makeup of its workforce.

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